Your goals are being washed away as times a tickin’

Yesterday I realized that I can’t really teach “urgency” to my kids (my 7 year old and my 5 year old)

They’re only kids after all.

But I still try… Like yesterday, they were waiting all day for me to tell them this new story I’ve been telling them.

On occasion, I tell them a made up story.

But this time, my story has episodes, and I left it on a cliff-hanger.

So, they couldn’t wait to hear the next one (which was going to take place yesterday).

But they got carried away, with playing outside, playing with their Legos…

Not realizing that time is ticking away.

And by the time it hit 8:30pm, I was already getting ready for bed, and the wife, was giving them the bad news.

So, that has powerful lessons for us… because I (try as much as I can), live and build this business with urgency.

I have seen time pass by so quickly and nothing is done.

If you’re new… I recommend (from my own experiences) get busy starting. Not in a month, not in a week.


If you don’t have a niche yet… that’s the first step. BUT set a deadline. Because your success isn’t going to be because you choose the right niche. You most likely will shift. But you might as well get busy learning the ropes and skills needed cause they carry on to many other ventures.

If you’re experienced….

… urgently build that business and accomplish those goals. You have a new “urgency”, and it’s not getting the next deal. That’s no longer your goal. The “urgency” is either scaling your business (putting SOP’s in place and/or hiring), or acquiring those long-term assets (like owning 22 spaces in a community owned mobile home park… hat-tip to Andy Teasley).

The best “trick” for me has always been having a due date.

When a due date wasn’t set… I meandered around never getting to it.

So, anyway that’s my tip for today…

And here’s my pitch about urgency…

As time goes by, more and more online sellers are going online. And more investors getting a site.

There’s tens of ways to market online to find motivated sellers…. SEO (google ranking) is just one of them. Facebook ads (which to me seems like an under-tapped channel right now in the suburban area I’m in) is one way that my friend Miguel is patiently learning to implement an untapped channel.

So.. to take advantage of the multiple channels, and the “pre-selling” (sellers read the pages and it boosts your credibility)… then a website is needed.

Use my affiliate link below for the company I still use today, to host your site, bring you content to publish monthly, and teach you online marketing….

If you use them, send me a message and I’ll get on the phone to consult about what you can do, and re-write your home page (needed to stand out and would normally cost at least $400 for one page.)
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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