Young, dumb, and full of GLUM

“There’s no competition at the top” – Earl Nightingale.

When we do start in any business venture as fresh entrepreneurs, it seems like the competition is grand.

I know I feel that way when I started in any new field (until recently when some light bulbs went off, but more to come on this later… and hopefully very soon I can explain).

But, in REI… when you look around, you notice that a lot of people don’t like to CONSISTENTLY door knock, cold call, AND follow up.

… especially young people.

I spoke with a friend, Joe, (I made this name up. Not sure if wants me to name him) on the phone who’s building a very successful wholesaling business along with his partner, in one of the most competitive areas in the country.

He was saying that often they get young energetic people to come into their office wanting to learn to wholesale. So, the first thing he tells them is, “start cold calling this targeted list”.

But, sometimes, the really young ones will say things like, “oh no, I wasn’t expecting to do that, I don’t cold call.”.

“Ok…” Said Joe… “Lets go door knocking”…

But the young full of life new wholesaler said, “Oh no, I don’t do that either”.

Well, I don’t know what to tell you. That’s the primary means of his operation.

But, that’s the mode of a lot of people: young, dumb, and full of GLUM because as soon they open their eyes to entrepreneurship, they realize HOW difficult it really is….

But I don’t blame them…

Guru’s from every walk of life are preaching on You Tube how EASY it is to make a million dollars.

Now, I’ve heard it say that once you make a million…. that next million is easier than the first.

But, the first takes A LOT of time, blood, sweat, failing, figuring things, and building YOUR own road to it.

So, I chuckle when they young ones enter a field but don’t want to do the work… like an apprentice carpenter who doesn’t want to swing a hammer, hoping that machines do that for you.

Sure, there are MANY ways to find deals… but when you’re fresh off the boat and the Master Builder tells you, “This is how you build a house, I don’t know any other way”…. then you’d better start doing what they tell you if you want to “build houses” .

So, if you’re not afraid to talk to people, to get out there and network, rub elbows with everyone and anyone…

Then let me introduce you to a recorded 3-day seminar, with 10 presentations and 18 hours of info.

The Millionaire Makers Next Generation seminar recorded in 2017 reveals HOW to structure deals in ways that you would never imagine, and put together your own deal with little money..


(and yes the info still applies today showing you methods to finding deals, how to work the financial calculator so you know deep rooted ways of analyzing deal, not just the “75% rule”… and much more)

You can get it here:

But you have to do the work to get in front as MANY sellers as you can. Like most sales jobs, it’s a numbers game after all.

But hopefully, your numbers are better than others because you’ve built a VERY targeted list (more to come on the Deal Magnet Membership Newsletter being launched soon)

p.s. I haven’t plugged in the MMTNG seminar in a while. I wasn’t intending to but the seminar fit a few email themes I had this week.

The reason I haven’t plugged it in much, is because I intend on breaking up the presentations. And once I do, It will inevitably cost more for the whole shamboony. So might as well, get it now while it’s still cheap and available.

But when will I do that? As soon as I’m done with a book I’m writing, a micro-product on wholesaling mobile homes, and the launch of the Subscription Membership newsletter.

So you can check out the seminar right here:

p.s.s BTW this “fire side” chat I had with my buddy was recorded, because he dropped nuggets on finding leads, and what he’s doing with COVID. I’ll be releasing that to Deal Magnet Subscribers (as bonus for initial sign ups) once I launch it.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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