You might be a GOORU if….

My wife pointed out that I often make fun of “GOORUS” but seem to have them on my show from time to time.

So, if she is confused on my view, I assume many of you are as well.

So, let me lay it out straight…

A Guru is:

someone who knows what they are talking about, that has built up a business in REI AND coaching. Who cares about their customer and their success.


someone who lies about their status or achievements, doesn’t care about the customer, is dishonest in their marketing and content delivery, who is fly-by-night, who only cares about the first sale and sells them trash after. Who thought it would be “cool” and “easy” to make a whole bunch of money to sell info -products and all they have to do is hard sell.

So here’s something fun and interesting to further expand on this:


1. You rent a car (with a 6-figure price tag) for a Facebook/YouTube Ad

2. You talk about how EASY your business model is when nothing else is further from the truth

3. You talk about how you can flip homes from an app on your phone (unless there’s something I’m missing here)

4. You talk about how easy seller “leads” will be “throwing” signed contracts at you if you buy this software

5. You write up fake checks to show in ads of how much you made this week flipping with no money down.

6. the only thing you teach in your first upsell product is to show them how to apply for a bunch of interest-free credit cards for rehab, then tell them to pay for your expensive coaching product with those credit cards you just opened.

There’s more, but the bottom line is: being a cheat and dishonest.

Notice that none of them have anything to do with price.

There’s a lot of disagreement about people charging $10,000+ for coaching in REI….

I no longer have that despise for coaches (unless it’s a trash service. If you’re going to sell a $30,000 coaching/service product you’d better have the VALUE to back it up.).

Especially after reading Dan Kennedy’s “Wealth Attraction” book, and listening to Seth Greene in the Deals Today Podcast, say that he wrote up a 6-figure check (taking a mortgage out of his house for it) to Dan Kennedy to coach him.

So anyway, if I do have someone on my show that coincidently DOES sell expensive product on the backend… I have him/her there because I trust and know the person, and vetted him/her…

In other words: he/she is the real deal.

So, if you’re not bothered by people making money selling something (as you shouldn’t’ be because YOU sell something expensive as well—Cash for a large chunk of equity)…

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