Whipping it out in public

My oldest son Nathan (7 now), performed an ungodly taboo in public when he was of the wee age of 4.

We were at a friend’s sons birthday party.

He had kids all of around the same age as mine.

The party was mainly outside in the backyard and there were tables and chairs set up with food and drink.

There were about 20-40 people there, all sitting outside in their own “clicks” chatting it up.

When all of sudden Nathan from about 10 yards away, standing there over the grass facing the entire crowd… whips out his “boy-hood” from his shorts and takes a whiz right there in front of everyone.

Now, no one notices until I react instinctively to this taboo and yell out his name, “Nathan! What are you doing?!”

Which in turn everyone stops their conversations to look around and find out what this ruckus is all about.

They turn at Nathan, with his appendage in hand whizzing in the grass, with a confused face on, after hearing me yelling at him.

Most of the adults look away with embarrassment for me, while telling their own kids, “Don’t laugh.. Don’t look”.

It was surely an embarrassing moment for me.

But it didn’t phase my son one bit.

He pulled up his shorts, a smile on his face because he was just “relieved”, and continued playing.

There was no shame, no taboo, no questioning in his mind.

But… when we as investors start to tell family and friends that “we buy houses”… there’s SHAME in the back of our heads.

An almost “Taboo” like we aren’t supposed to be doing this.

An embarrassment for telling people that we are doing something MORE than the typical Joe-Shmoe.

We don’t want to just live the average life… we want more and our minds picture a life full of adventure, leisure, no worries, bills being paid on time, money rolling in, vacation when we want, etc.

But as soon as we tell family and friends what we are doing… there’s a shame (or embarrassment) that builds up.

There’s no shame in wanting more in life.

There’s no shame in going door to door or making calls to achieve MORE in life.

But here’s a trick I found that makes the “embarrassment” turn into power…

I just explain to people WHY I’m doing what I do.

When I do… people 98.8% agree.

Everyone hates showing up to work… begging for vacation… working for less than you’re worth… being stuck in one location… etc.

So, they relate.

Another trick to overcome shame and start thinking of yourself as a REAL investor…

Is to start making this into your PROFESSION.

This is your job now from day one… to make deals.

Put that into your mind… this is your business.

Even if it’s not profitable… it’s still a business. (More business are in the negative than in the positive and they consider themselves “businesses” )

Ever since I put it into my mind that I run a content publishing business, it was mind-altering to say the least.

That’s why I’m putting on sale the Millionaire Makers Next Generation video series put together by Andy Teasley, edited by me.

It’s the “school of deal-making” for all investors new or old.

If making deals is your profession then this is a “course” you need to transform your skillset and eliminate any “shame” about what you do.

You can check it out here: www.realestateaudios.com/mmtng

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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