When Growth leads to Death

New entrepreneurs and investors (and seasoned), want immediate high success. They want the million dollar business overnight…

It’s a terrible idea for a brand new business owner, self-employed or side hustle.

Here’s why:

As I was reading the book “Clockwork” (a book about creating systems) it talked about a true story comparing two hospitals.

One of them serviced Cape Code; a much smaller area and less money coming in than the other hospital (which serviced most of Brooklyn.

You would think that the larger hospital with more expensive equipment, top doctors, larger staff, and more money would be able to save lives “better” than the smaller Cape Code hospital… but that’s WRONG.

Because in July 18 2008, there was a boy emitted into the emergency room at Cape Cod hospital for metal shavings stuck in his eye. Even with a full waiting room, and not a serious condition, he waited only a total of 18 minutes before getting the metal removed and leaving to go home.

While in Brooklyn emergency room a woman with anxiety, an obvious mental condition, and blood clots waited in the room for …

… 24 hours… until she dropped dead right in the waiting room.

This isn’t a problem of having the BEST doctors, or best equipment, or best staff… because Brooklyn had it all compared to Cape Cod.

And this was a usual day for Brooklyn.

But, the problem when they investigated, was that there was hardly a system to manage patients going in and out.

It was chaos in there.

No order. No process.

And no order and no process is the reality of most investors.

However, a lot of new ones want immediate success… they want more leads…. But the truth is,IF they were to magically receive that wish… there would be chaos much like the hospital.

If there’s no systems in place then you can’t handle 150 leads coming every month… or self-manage 30 units… or manage $500k plus of investor money (that scared the jibbies out of money when I was building a system to flip 5-8 parcels of land every month with investors).

You have to start small. Little by little.

Even the one-man show has “systems” and he’s not doing everything him/herself. He has a system of rehabbing that he outsources to contractors (in which he has system of hiring those contractors), a system of managing money coming in every month and going out….

“System” is not a sexy word, I know… but without it… you’ll be running around like the Brooklyn emergency room leaving clients/sellers/tenants hanging.

There’s really no cool app or tool that does it for you… it’s just a matter of hunkering down little by little, and putting in paper (or digital paper like I’ve done), a process for how you do things. And keeping with that process (unless it doesn’t work and you need to tweak.

So, get to building those systems, and LEARN how to build a business before you get what you wished for.

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