What annoying typos teach about salesmanship, – winning over deals like columbo

In the past, It’s been mentioned about my typos in these emails.

I realize I get a lot typos.

But here’s are a few reasons why typos are actually good, and what they have to do with one-on-one sales:

First, there’s a concept of being “un-okay” (a term that the late great negotiation-coach Jim Camp coined). Un-okay is when you’re slightly “less okay” than the other guy; you’re not grander or smarter than your client/prospect, your slightly below him.

You’re not dressed over the top, to impress. You’re dressed at about the same level as him/her (with a dress-code, it’s actually ok to dress slightly nicer than your prospect like polo shirt and slacks, to portray some professionalism)

You’re not a great orator with academic-level vocabulary, you’re flow of speech and vocabulary is on par, or slightly below him/her.

Being “un-okay”, is also being ok with un-preparedness, stumbling, being new, being scared… and portraying all that to your prospect.

Think of the 70’s-80’s hit, Columbo.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YouTube him.

He’s a fantastic display of being un-okay.

The idea is to make your prospect feel comfortable with you. Not to be the sleazy, comb-over, used car-salesman looking real estate investor.

If you’re new and you don’t know the answer to a question, It’s ok to give him/her an honest answer, but to back it up with assurance that you can answer later (even contact them later with the answer) .

Stumbling around, forgetting paperwork, being a little nervous… is actually ok (to a degree).

Don’t purposely use this as a tactic or trick. The point is that if you are any of the above… it’s ok.

Relax, and you don’t have to be a stickler.

Be yourself and ask the right questions. It makes them feel at ease, and it let’s them know your not going to trick them like the perfect-looking salesman.

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p.s. I realized there was supposed to be a second reason why typos are ok… that reason is because it allows people to focus on the text. Yes they can be annoying. But, perfection gets glossed over; Abnormal gets second looks, and therefore gets more attention.

Not to say I’m using typos as a tactic. But, saying that I’m okay with typos because, that’s me and it’s ok and most people (except the grammar nazis), are fine with it, and even, subconsciously like it, because it’s an example of being “un-okay”.

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