Flipping houses without ever talking to sellers – how to deal with agents and get most of your deals from them

Todd Bayer is the host of one of the biggest REI clubs in Southern California, and runs a hard money lending company, a flipping operation, and now a tiny home manufactured. He’s the “money guy” and serial entrepreneur who’s going to reveal in today’s show, how he’s bought hundreds of properties on the MLS and from other agents. For more audios and articles on finding deals, and expert knowledge of real estate investing, go to RealEstateAudios.com

  • Why “Faking it until you make it” doesn’t work – Tips and tactics to how to TRUTHFULLY and PROFITABLY deal with agents
  • If you have a good deal… the one place where you’re almost guaranteed to find private money to fund it
  • You can be an investor that goes direct to sellers, or one that never talks to sellers…. Find out how Todd has bought hundreds of properties and has only spoken to 2 sellers directly
  • How to add $500 of cash flow a month to your rental.
  • What do to on the MLS, every day, to get yourself a deal (even in one day)
  • Whether or not you should continue to buy investments – contrarian advice from all the hype
  • His story on his first deal.
  • Easy tips to get attention for your MLS offers
  • Why Earnest Money Deposits can be dangerous for some