To Catch a Seller

In the old Cary Grant movie “To Catch a Thief” the retired (and reformed) cat burglar, Robie, is getting heat because of some copycat jewel thief in his town.
He’s copying his style, wearing his style of clothes, stealing his moves, and mimicking his exact break-in strategies.

So, the local police are pinning it on Robie (Cary’s character). So he’s gotta go back to “playing” as thief to catch this copycat.

Well, this all seems to familiar to me in the real-life game of “catching” motivated sellers.

We all know the strategy:

Buy a list of homeowners with equity, or foreclosures.

mail them with yellow letters and red ink that say: “We buy houses” because everyone on Bigger Pockets says to do it.

Cold call a list of FSBO’s with a script that we got for free from a Facebook Wholesaling Forum

Put up bandit signs that say, “We buy houses (next to the other bandit signs that are yellow saying the say same… hopefully the motivated seller will call me instead)

The is an endless cycle of staying mediocre by copy-catting the market…

… observing what competitors are doing and mimicking their exact moves.

Well… if there’s anything I learned from the various ventures I fell into… it’s that mediocre actions DON’T produce mediocre results…

They produce NO results.

If you read the the book “Winning Through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer you’ll know what I mean.

He was a struggling Real Estate Commercial broker, copying what everyone else was doing for lead generation by passing out business cards or passing out the one-page report of him and what he does.

Well, he said enough of this copying each other… “I’m writing a book”.

So, he wrote a book, and that became his “Brochure” he gave to new prospects.

The results:

He became top of the market FAST.

Because he actually did go above and beyond.

You need to think like this if you want big and fast results.

Messing around with “the style of the market” gets nothing for you.

It’s a waste of time.

I would plug in my Deal Magnet News Membership here because that is the perfect solution for standing out and creating for yourself a “style” of recurring lead gen…

But since Its not ready here’s the next best thing;


Positioning yourself so that your the ONLY one that can solve your sellers problem will mean big time deal-closing, and lead generation “bucks”.

It’ll mean high response rates…. fast lead gen…. fast deals.

And there’s thousands of ways to do this in REI (I’ve interviewed several people that do this not even realizing they have positioned themselves in this way. Like the Ellis San Jose Interview, being the only one to solve complicated title issues)…

Other than land… the best example I have is when I shifted over to mobile homes.

I carried with me all the knowledge of marketing and copywriting into mobile homes, and I became (quickly), the only person online that can buy their mobile home… or the only person in a mobile home park readily available to buy.

And shifting to a strategy that has low-competition but HIGH supply of motivated sellers is a quick way to get fast (and profitable) wins.

And those wins I’m still profiting from (even two years later) with his method of mobile home investing that takes no maintenance and no tenants and create a big cash flow that you won’t find in many SFR rentals.

You can check out the story here:

product Inner Secrets eBook

However, know that I’m not the go-to expert on these, I’ve done a handful of them and cataloged my adventures in it.

I shared what I discovered, and knowledge of others, and partners, and friends flipping with me, into a small introductory book on how to get started in mobile home flipping and create a few hundred dollars of income a month like I did (not professing millions, or retirement… although many people I look up to in this business have achieved those goals in that asset)

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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