This guy is better than Grant Cardone…

Before I make any enemies about the subject, I want to first say I have been a fan of Grant Cardone for a years. Mainly because of his tenacity, his confidence, and, yes, his wisdom (a lot of people don’t think he looks wise but he is).

However, I never really dug into his hard selling style. I took his course a few years ago, it was a good course, but I never got the “lightbulb” principles of selling from it (it was a lot of technique and phrases to remember).

Instead, the principle that I’ve used and I see countless of highly successful real estate investors use all around me… is what Frank Bettger teaches… a 1910 pro MLB player who throw his arm out and lost everything… and had to learn the secrets of selling to survive.

Anyway, the reason why I bring this is up, is because my kids are in the “Why” phase of their life.

Everything is a question.

“Papai (what they call me), what’s fire?”

“What are rainbows?”

“Why does the police give tickets?”

“What’s a ticket?” (no I didn’t get a ticket, we only witnessed it)

They have no shame in asking a question. In there minds, they are not embarrassed at all. There’s no rules established yet that tells them they can’t be rude, or pry…

But if you want to be great at getting great deals… you must avoid all those nonsense rules.

You must pry (even though your societal instincts tell you otherwise).

You must shamelessly approach people, and ask them the uncomfortable questions.

Thinking back, the child has the perfect selling attitude.

And the perfect selling attitude also combines a good balance of soft and hard selling by leading your prospect to a sale with QUESTIONS… and that’s what Frank Bettger teaches in his book.

I’ve read a lot of sales books, but this is one is the best. It’s the attitude and mindset you must discover first before you get into technique.

And Frank Bettger who made millions selling and learned directly from Dale Carnegie is the man to learn it from

(Frank, when he first started, sucked at selling… lacked enthusiasm… couldn’t a sell thing… but raised himself out of failure and into high achieving success using these natural principles he learned)

And that’s why I believe, he’s a better instructor of sales than Grant Cardone.

And you can pick up his book that every real estate investor should have right below here:

6939 Schaefer ave Ste D #254
Chino California 91710

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