There’s no “one way” to invest

There’s no such thing as “real estate investing in a box”.

I’ve been to many seminars, and had coaches… and one thing that I can express to you…

… that there’s 100 ways to skin a cat.

Most of the time, you’re not implementing the same EXACT, EXACT, method that someone else shows you.

Over time you develop your own style of business/investing, getting leads, etc.

So, here’s a powerful (but funny) life-lesson story I heard from the Great Dan Kennedy While I was listening to a seminar talk of his, that defines this:

“A Rabbi was on his death bed and lined up at his bed where all his students in row until they reach the end of the hall. At the head of the bed was his brightest student, then the second brightest, and so and so on until you go to the last student at the end of the hall… the “dunce” of all the students.

Well, one of the students was wise enough to ask, ‘Rabbi, what’s the meaning of life?’

And the Rabbi responds with, ‘Life is like a river’.

And the answer get’s passed down from one student to another until it reaches the “dunce” where the “dunce” asks an even wiser question…

… “Well, what the hell does he mean by life is like a river?! Ask him what he means by that!”.

So the “Dunces” question get carried from one student to another until it reach the student at the head of the bed. And that student asks, “Well, Rabbi, the “dunce” doesn’t know what you mean by that, so, what do you mean life is like a river”

And the Rabbi responds…. “Okay, I guess life is not like a river”.

The point being in this story to show you that there’s no “one” way to do make money, or “one” way to invest.

You’ll go to many meetups where there’s people who’ll try and convince you that their way is the “best” way to make money in REI.

Or a seminar where the stage speaker says, “Here’s THE one way to…” .

There are hundreds of ways to invest in RE.

I believe that the right way is what fits your personality and your goals.

For you, there’s going to be a lot of tweaking involved, and a lot of shifting until you land on something that works AND that you enjoy doing.

I think the last part is the most important for happiness… you must enjoy doing it.

Have a great Friday.

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