There’s no hiding behind this offer

Here’s a powerful lesson in sales and copy for REI:

My 7-year-old son with mild autism, Nathan has an obsession with Legos.

He plays with them the majority of the day, he dreams them, he watches them on TV.

And his most recent goal is to save and earn enough money for a new 2020 lego set that cost…. $200.

So I told him, “Well Nathan, you can start earning money for it. Maybe cut the grass for Avo (with the accent over the “O” it means “grandpa” in Portuguese ).

“Nathan, How much do you think you should get paid for cutting the grass?”

His response:


So I laughed because he gets straight to the point. Straight the price he wants.

He’s not cutting himself short at all and getting to the price he sees fit.

Anyway, What that shows for the real estate investor and operator is that you too can get straight to the point in your sales presentation.

Sure, rapport is important.

But there’s a point in the presentation (and the marketing piece), where you have to reveal what you want them to do.

Often, you got to stop with the “beating around the bush” and get to the point already.

Too many people hide what they want as if they are ashamed of it.

Well, in my mailing letter I used for land, I didn’t conceal a thing. I even put my offer right into the letter. And told them what I’m going to do with that parcel.

Not saying you should or shouldn’t do that… but the point being is that a little transparency can go a long way.

Like what I reveal in my issue #2 Newsletter inside the DEAL MAGNET NEWS membership:

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