The typical “chassis” before the “engine” mistake

Do you remember the Ford Model T?

Of course not, none of you don’t (if you do I’d like to interview as you’ve probably seen WWI and WWII with your very own eyes)

… But you do KNOW what it is. It’s the first car and has the most basic moving parts of a car.

Now, bear with me as this has a lot to do with investing.

If you’ve driven cars in the ’90s to now… you understand how cars have gotten progressively more complicated.

And even more so if you’ve worked on cars from the ’60s and ’70s.

Those cars are as basic as you can get in this timeline.

But today… they are beyond complicated (at least for me). They have computers for every part monitoring everything, all crammed into a smaller and smaller space, and these parts are getting smaller and smaller (but more efficient) and they create more parts for those parts and more computers for those parts.

Imagine the Model T engine and how BASIC it must have been…

Well, investing and business, in general, is a lot like that progression.

They first just had just ONE goal… to move.

Once they figured THAT out, they realized they had other problems and added more layers to the engine.

“Oh… the car heats up, well we’ll need to add a cooling system”… “Oh, it’s too hot to drive this in the summer, let’s add an air conditioning system”….” oh customers want more speed and pull, let’s add more cylinders and a better transmission for torque”

Anyway, you get the picture.

But when we start in any venture we look at the guy/gal with a huge portfolio or huge automation system as to how we should begin.

That’s like the Model-T looking at the “2021 BMW” as a template. When their first “problem” they needed to solve was GETTING IT TO MOVE first. Then they can think about adding bells and whistles.

Don’t look at the “engine” that’s been fine-tuned for decades as your “start”.

You need to start with one easily attainable goal.

I remember when I first started, before talking to ANY sellers I was trying to figure how to put together a lead capturing system on Podio. That was a mistake and a waste of time. Because what matters is solving the first problem: Getting in front of quality motivated sellers FIRST. Then the second problem that needs to be solved is getting them to say yes (or presenting the right offer).

Creating systems can be a huge pain in the gluteus.

I know.

I’ve done it with land, and podcasting.

But you don’t really know HOW that system is going to look like until your neck-deep in it: conversing with sellers, putting a rehab system in place, getting VA’s into place… really testing that system.

Everything in your life and your business has systems…. How you go about your day, your habits, etc.

Systems rule you; You are ruled by systems (call it habits, routines, etc,… it’s still a “system”).

… regardless of how easy or difficult the task is.

That’s why starting with creating an automation system is a little silly if you’ve never been in front of sellers (aka: created a “system” for getting in front of sellers.)

Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is that I’ve nailed down a system for writing.

Specifically writing ads, letters, or any other message that’s meant to attract prospects (mobile home sellers, SFR sellers, investors, money, buyers, etc).

You don’t have to be a good writer or creative (being “creative” or clever typically doesn’t work).

Instead, you need a structure and formulas, and examples to go by when creating persuasive headlines and messages.

And it’s all explained in my new book: “Deal Attractors…”.

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