The trade secret to high transactions: “I love Diamonds”

To continue what I talked about yesterday: Sales…

Here’s a story of a Jewelry store owner and his best salesman in the industry and why you should LOVE what you do to win high transactions.


Harry Winston Jewelers, internationally one of the best most high-priced jewelers, started in New York City.

Harry Winston is no longer with us, but many, many, many years ago when he was in the New York store, one day he got a call from an Arab Sheik and he said “Mr. Winston, I’m a gem collector. Do you have this type of diamond?” and Winston says “oh yes. It’s in the millions but I have it.” He said “I’ll be in touch with you. I’m going to come in next week.”

So the next week he took his private jet, he landed in LaGuardia and Winston had his top salesman meet him at the airport, bring him back to the store, bring him into the VIP room and for an hour he showed him this gorgeous diamond and explain all the details to try and make the deal with the Sheik.

After an hour the Sheik was just about out of the store and there was no sale made and Mr. Winston said “Oh, excuse me sir. Could I have a moment with you?” and they went back in the VIP room and 15 minutes later Harry Winston had a check for $4,000,000.

And the Sheik was just about to go back to the airport when he said “Mr. Winston, can I ask you something personal?” and he said “Sure.” And he said, “The man that met me and the man that originally tried to sell me, he spent an hour with me, is he a good salesman?” Winston replied: “He’s the best one in the industry. He’s the top person in New York. That’s why I hired him. That’s why I pay him so much money.” And then the Sheik asks: “Well, Mr. Winston, if he’s so good, how come he spent an hour with me and he couldn’t sell me and you spent 15 minutes with me and you could?” He said “Oh, that’s my trade secret. You see, he knows diamond but I love diamonds.”


This is more about drive and passion for real estate. It’s hard, in my opinion to LOVE real estate; very few people do. BUT…. people love making deals. The “art of the deal” drives them. Finding the motivation to take it an extra step above what everyone else is doing.

Here’s the truth that gives you a HUGE opportunity…

Most wholesalers, flippers, investors… are LAZY!

They don’t want to go the extra mile.

They want the $20k transaction handed to them while someone feeds them grapes.

Yeah sure everyone wants that… but the “universe” (or what you want to call it), doesn’t hand you something for NOTHING…. especially $20k!

You have to drive yourself to the extra.

Like boarding up the absentee owner’s house because squatters keep getting in… paying for the seller’s hotel because he needs a place to stay while the house is in escrow and he can’t live in it for various/personal reasons… when you’re time is free, finding sellers and calling them every day looking for ANY motivation… Writing a personalized letter… Keeping that potential seller on your list and calling her for the next 2 years or more… asking everyone you meet “who do you know that selling a house?”, and THEN actually making contact with that seller”…

Anyway… those are REAL life examples. Stuff that I’ve done, and I’ve pulled from friends.

Another “extra” effort task that any real estate investor can do… is learning all you can about your business.

Most are lazy… and want the quick rich overnight “list of sellers”, and the quick-close phrase that makes sellers say “YES!” like zombies.

Such tactics don’t work. however…

But learning how to construct offers that fit that seller’s situation does.

As well as construct ads, letters, personalized letters, and sales presentations that drive the emotions.

Emotions make decisions (period) — read Dr. Robert Cialdini.

And in my book “Deal Attractors…”

I lay out a structure of creating ads/letter/messages/presentation that not just stand out but inject emotions in what you what say.

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