The slap-in-the-face answer to “I don’t have enough time!”

Here’s an REI lesson on productivity…
My oldest son, Nathan has a very short attention span.

(Don’t we all?)

Well, I see the negative effects of multi-tasking when I observe him first-hand.

He’ll be working on his homework, when all of sudden he gets a thought followed by an action to build something on his new Lego set.

He’ll all of a sudden get up and run to his room, come back in 5 minutes, and start working on his homework again.

Or, he’ll have this burst of energy and start running around in the room for 2 minutes (he has autism), and then come back and start working on his homework.

A 10 minute task easily turns into a 30 minutes task.

But, as entrepreneurs we do the same EXACT thing.

We’ll be on the computer getting ready to send an important email when all of sudden we’re scrolling through Facebook.

But, this doesn’t just stay with minute tasks… it’s also big tasks where we force ourselves to be working more than one goal or project with out limited time.

Here’s my case: I only have 1 hour in day to work on my business; add an extra 30 minutes to that for these emails I write you (and yes that’s waking up at 3:30am…

… and add an extra 20 minutes to that time to stumble out of bed into the kitchen, make my coffee, read, relax, etc… so all-in-all: about 2 hours for myself before I leave to work.

Point being with this… if you’re saying, “I don’t have enough time!” then it’s a priority issue.

Too many things being worked at once.

This hit me like a light bulb the other day.

Most entrepreneurs naturally want to work on multiple things, but it’s hurts any progression.

Working one thing at a time will give you some productivity muscle to flex… but I get it, it’s not totally possible to do that.

You have you’re rehab, you’re selling something else, while looking for another deal.

So take this into context and keep it in the back of your mind, as you sit down to work on something and your mind gets carried away with another project or with any other problems, or a complaint, or email….

… one thing at a time.

The Famous Earl nightingale gave this very simple advice: “write down your top 6 tasks that need to get done that week. Then number them based off importance. Then work on the first. Once that’s done, work on the second, etc. ”

You’ll complete your tasks with unbreakable focus in record time.

Speaking of focus… when I was hustling to find SFR, one of my weekly tasks was to rank a site.

That required:

1. having a VA write a 300 word article for me for $5
2. Creating a quick blog site where I post these articles
3. backlinking my main site

This is a technique that teaches to getting a hold of back links that can potentially raise your ranking.

I focused on that every week, and grew that site (not my mobile home site), to page one.

That’s one of the benefits of hosting your site with Carrot, and if you become a member through my affiliate link: I’ll guide you in ranking and copywriting for your new site.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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