The “Secrets” to business from the East to West Coasts

Here’s a narrative that you’ll encounter frequently in your career:

You’re going to get various people tell you what you should do.


“You need to up your Facebook account”

“You need to have a YouTube channel”

“You need to have an information packet to mail prospects”

“You need to cold call”

“You need to invest in Self-Storage”

“You need to invest out-of-state”

Etc, etc…

I have interviewed some people in high places.

People with millions in net worth, people who have achieved quite a bit and built many businesses.

After the interview, we often chat about business. About half of them always give me their 2-cents. And I’m appreciative of it and I enjoy it because I get free consulting right then and there when it would otherwise cost a few hundred dollars an hour for this kind of business consulting…

(Tip: creating your own podcast gives you free coaching from high-achieving investors, AND builds relationships with people you want to rub elbows with)


The advice varying from the East coast to the West coast… all varies…. they are all different…. they all have a “You should do this…” advice.

So, it gives some “steak” to my credo: “Build your business to your preference because there’s more than one way to skin a cat”.

Sure you can have a YouTube Channel marketing to motivated sellers.

My good friend and freelance copywriter who I interviewed months ago, Aaron Hoos, says that’s what he recommends people do.

With a YouTube channel, you’re creating CONTENT that you can send to potential prospects to build rapport with them (almost like a mini-sales presentation PRE-SELLING before an appointment).

But the questions are:

Can you CONSISTENTLY keep that up?

Can you learn to get in front of the camera naturally and present every week?

Do you want to?

All these questions have to be asked before you jump into the million and one marketing techniques you can do.

The most important thing is:

Will you be doing it consistently? Over and over again until you see results?

This is a one-time shot where you try it once and if it doesn’t work you quit.

These things take time to see results.

This is a principle I have to keep reminding myself (especially for those with a personality that loves moving from idea to idea).

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