The “Secret” Lead gen technique known since horse and wagon days

The other day I had a call with another investor for some client work.

We got talking about his business.

He’s not doing loads and loads of volume each year, but they’re doing very well in a very competitive market.

His “secret” is something I have trumpeted my horn for a while now, and the principle isn’t something new.

It’s been taught in marketing since the days of horse-and-wagon where you had to walk or take the horse to the post-office to buy the trinket from mail-order.

Anyway, the concept is “Sell to Buyers” (to translate into REI: “Buy from actual sellers”)

And the client does exceptionally well with this principle.

In his case, he found an area where his marketing worked well. He was buying many houses in that area. They were learning the “language” of that area (this area didn’t like outsiders).

They noticed that deals for them are coming easier and easier from this area.

So they focus there.

When you find the actual sellers , finding deals come easy.

The hard part he’s facing is not having enough money, resources, and time to handle all the leads.

This principles doesn’t just apply to a physical area either.

… How’s your Direct mail list? Is it just a list of homeowners with 30% equity? From my experience that’s a TERRIBLE list.

… Instead, create lists (by driving around yourself, having a network of people who have access to these sellers), of addresses who, without a doubt, have a motivational situation.

… Or… A couple of mobile home park where a lot of deals come out of.

… Buying land from places where it’s “Hot” to sell.

The point being that, you have to narrow down your marketing to a good list, a list of people who are willing to sell.

Focusing on “Everybody” Is what gu-roos teach about and it’s something that only works if you have a million-dollar marketing budget.

Speaking of generating leads, Something I spoke with about this client is lead generation via online.
And what I’m about to link only applies to existing Investor Carrot Members.

But, I realized that many don’t know how to bring traffic online to their site. And this training from Carrot shows you how. In fact, this was the start of my Marketing Training years ago and what got me into the rabbit hole of marketing

It’s shows details on how to run a Pay-per-click campaign, what a keyword search and how to figure out what are good keywords to go after, what SEO is, and how to rank, and much more.

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