“The Rich are Evil!”

I had a conversation with a long-time friend who’s now a full blown Lefty on the political spectrum.

Now, I’m ok with that.

Because I’ve seen myself over the years gently start swaying more towards the middle (and leaning left on some topics)… than my old fundamentalist, right-conservative self.

Now, before you think I’m getting all political on you, I’m not…

I simply want to bring up an important Real Estate/life lesson I gathered from this conversation with my old friend.

In which, he believes that it’s inherently EVIL to make lots of money.

But the facts still stands…

… that those who make A LOT of money, fund the charities of the world (think Bill Gates, child trafficking charities that Tony Robbins funded, Harvard University, etc.)

It’s not government that helps much… it’s the individuals that are FAR more efficient at producing, than governments .

Those who are in the “elite” (what ever the left wants to call it these days), who have endless pockets, are those that help create the majority of the powerful universities and charities around the world.

So, I’ve changed my thinking into making “just enough”, to making more than enough to help others.

And one way is to have enough security and passivity through real estate, buying cash flow assets, trading up assets, and building a portfolio of wealth that you can sit idly by one day focusing on other missions in life.

One asset that has been particularity good to me are mobile homes.

You have to start some where, and mobiles are a great path to learning skill sets and building up wealth in your portfolio.

I don’t have extended experience in it, but enough to show someone what I did, teach them my mistakes and successes, and gather information from the experts to write this book on it….

so, see it for your self and read the letter to see if it fits you:


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