The Prussia Way of Training “Lesser” Individuals

Schooling and education have been top of mind here in the doCampo house.

With my kids being 7,5,3, and 10 months… you can imagine how homeschooling is going… But, it’s actually going somewhat smooth.

And… we don’t plan to EVER go back to the traditional way of learning: a public (or even private school).

Yes, we are taking a very non traditional route to education that you might find crazy…

I’m with you… because not too long I thought this untraditional method of schooling to be off the ROCKER as well.

Until I found out about the whole history of our schooling system.

That it was invented in Prussia to create good factory workers.

That’s right… our traditional way of schooling that you and I grew up with… was invented in Prussia to create good little factory workers during the Industrial Period

Don’t believe me?

Google “Prussia Model of Education”

The US adopted that and kept it.

It makes sense: The school bell simulates factory bells, only 30-minute breaks, sitting down for long periods simulates working an assembly line, memorizing minutiae,

Well, in my opinion, that education system is one of the reasons why so many people entrepreneurs are soo “[email protected]” up in the head (including me). They have fears of getting out of the “secure jobs”, being scared to take a risk, being scared to “disobey” and be “disrespectful”, scared to take action without someone else telling them it’s ok… And on an on.

Here is a list of the lies, misconceptions, mental obstacles trained by society and imprinted like a cattle-branding-iron to our brains (and some solutions with them) that I’ve had and many starting entrepreneurs have that we need to get over:

– “Job Security”… As Dan Kennedy, the only security you have is in your ability to produce

– “Quiet, don’t speak until you raise your hand”… This trains to be insecure; below your superiors. The truth of the matter: You’re never below anyone. Don’t ever put anyone on a pedestal, even your coaches, mentors, and people you “look up to”.

– “You need to go to school, go to college, get a good job, then get married”… as if there’s a “rule” to life. There are no rules in life except the golden rule. Live your life the way you WANT, not how a guru, coach, etc tell you.

– “Good grades are important to life”… The system is designed to reward good grades to great test-takers. Only people with a certain personality naturally excel in test-taking. Learning how to provide VALUE to people is far more galactically important than what grades you get.

– “You have to work hard to earn it (money, grades, etc)”…. bull shit. As Ron LeGrand says, “the less I work the more I make”. Hard work doesn’t equate to automatic success. Yes, hard work is needed… but not required to earn lots of money. Money sometimes does grow and trees. Sometimes Big deals come your way. Sometimes you figure out a method to make lots of money easily…. but the only way to figure it out (as Ron LeGrand has), is to keep going to the ‘iceberg’ everyday and learning entrepreneurship and selling and deal making.

These are just some of the “[email protected]” up lies in our heads.

But that’s not the only thing all “[email protected]d ” up in our heads.

Bigger pockets, FB forums have “[email protected]” what good direct response marketing is in REI.

There’s a whole lot of swiping, copying each other… and not a whole lot of “thinking” when it comes to generating leads and deals for yourself (consistently and in crowded markets)

That’s why I’ve created the Deal Magnet News Membership.

And this month I published an interview with Buddy Broome (not on the public podcast) where he reveals:

– how sending cheap cards can mean a “random” deal

– A great rapport and trust-building trick: Only talk about real estate 10% (or never at all) with the seller

– The easy “CRM” he uses

– 7 years after the first call can mean a deal when doing this “passive” technique a handful of times each year

– When to just say, “I’m done with this seller”, and it’s not whether or not she’s selling. Something far more important for your own mental health

– How to determine your list you’ll be targeting

– How to determine the asset you want to buy.

– Reverse engineering your list

-A series of questions you should have in the back of your head when talking with sellers

You can find more about it here:

p.s. I’ll be posting a bonus that will go away this month. More to come later on that. In fact, almost every month there will be a bonus given to all Deal Magnet subscribers that won’t be published on the platform and only delivered via email or mail.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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