The pandemic story that isn’t told

If you’re on other peoples email list or on social media you’re probably hearing a lot of the “positives” to the pandemic.
Everyone is talking about it. They are:

… doubling down in business…

… coming up bigger than ever …

… coming out better than ever…

… Improving yourself 10x

But it’s all a lie.

Yup, that’s right… because sales of Self-Improvement books are down 33% (quoting the serial entrepreneur and internet marketer Ryan Lee)

While, it’s nice for those to say that they will come out better than others in these dark moments… knowing human behavior, I think few AREN’T taking advantage of the free time or the opportunities.

A lot are talking about it, but most (who are working from home) are tempted instead to indulge into the dopamine drips of scrolling through Facebook, YouTube, news, video games, and any other miscellaneous addictions most have.

Basically, what I’m saying, is:

It’s all Hat and no Cattle

But, as Warren Buffet says: “Only when the tide drops, you’ll see those who are swimming naked”.

And so, when the tide does drop, the question is:

Are you ready?

Are you preparing (me thinks one should always be preparing) ?

Are you taking market share right now?

Do you know how to combat market “crowdedness” (if there is going to be any), or shift with new marketing messages and/or channels?

If not, and you want to boost your marketing and lead generation of QUALITY sellers and overall BUSINESS strategy…

Then the best way I know of how to battle lack of deal flow… is to sign up for my Deal Magnet Membership where I write down my best tips for marketing and copywriting applied to REI, along with many other perks like the exclusive interviews that DM subscribers get of Real Deal-Generation strategies from REAL players in the game.

It’s coming soon, In the mean time, meet Omar Lopez, who hasn’t fallen privy to the conditions of most lazy human behavior and whose out hustling everyday…

Listen to his “No-Tenant-Cash-flow” game he plays with mobile homes right here:

How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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