The opinions of the Social Justice Warriors worth a tenth of a peso

Have you heard of the recent news?

That they want to take down the statue of one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America?

By “they” I’m referring to the “social justice warriors” who are more concerned with what you “think” then what you do.

This caught my attention because we’re looking into getting my two oldest into cub scouts.

You see… as real estate investors, you’ll be loved and hated.

And, hopefully you don’t run into social justice warriors who are concerned with correcting the worlds thoughts than the real worlds problems, like starvation and child abandonment.

Just like they are doing with ole’ founders in the early 1900’s who created a everlasting organization that has helped thousands of families and boys…

All because there’s some “evidence” that he respected Adolf Hitler during a time when no one knew what the heck Hitler was doing.

They are more concerned with a possible thought/comment than what the guy actually did.

(which btw, at the time this founder lived, no one really knew of the horrors that Hitler was doing in the background with the camps until after the war. I’m not defending the scum Hitler one bit… only defending the founder of the Boys scouts with the info I have… context is always important)

Any how… what does this have to do with REI?

Well, maybe not much, but like I said earlier…. you’ll be hated for who you are.

The common folk will look at you as if you have deep pockets. Little do they know, you’re just hustling to make a long-lasting living.

Don’t let the opinions of the masses sway you.

In fact use it.

Something that I’m showing in the Deal Magnet Membership Newsletter that I’m laborious putting together… you can take “negative” light and turn it into positive light.

Taking “little” truths about your life and putting them straight into your letters, articles, content, and sales presentations to get you to stand out and have sellers instantly attracted to you over all the other “we buy houses” people.

But again, you’ll still get the haters, the “opinionators”, that come in and try and take you down….

Don’t let them bother you… Let your actions and the words of those you help move you.

Which reminds me, when I launched the MMTNG seminar almost 2 years ago (I’ve been busy selling land since)… I got an irate email subscriber who said I was emailing too much, and that I shouldn’t have used the phrase “slum-hooker” ( I don’t remember the context)… and that it’s not “professional” what I’m doing.

Although I respect the subscriber… the subscriber was not in my business/industry. And the reply’s and sales of that week were contrary to what that person said.

So anyway…

That’s that… opinions are fickle and the value of that “currency” is as a 10th cheaper than the Peso (unless it’s from the right person which can be more valuable than a 1 gram Swedish gold bar).

And I’ll tell you what else isn’t a cheap opinion… and it’s the seminar speakers in the Millionaire Makers Next Gen Seminar.

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