The “non-genius” method of REI success

I wrestled in high school one season.

I wasn’t very good, I had a lot of potential, but my drive to win matches wasn’t in there.

Well, there’s a saying in Wrestling that I think applies to anybody especially those in REI…

(a wrestling match has 3 periods by the way, 2 minutes each period. The goal is to pin the opponent or go the full 3 rounds and win by points)

“If you win the first round it’s because you’re the most talented… the winner of the second round goes to the most conditioned… the winner of the third goes to the one with the most heart”

Genius, smarts, talent ISN’T what gets you to success…. it’s heart and desire.

I’ve met many investors , very successful “Millionaire-Next-Door” types that are far from genius. The will to keep going till the end is the “secret”.

And that’s hard.. I know. Because “shiny-object” kicks in, or you get fed up with “everyone” around you doing deals and you’re NOT so you quit or start to slow down.

Well, the reality is, if you’ve been spending months going after deals and you can’t tie one up… you have to evaluate your process…there’s something wrong.

I’m not telling you to quit… but this is where the heart comes in… the will power to shift into a different strategy that WORKS in getting deals and keep going with that.

Don’t do what I did, and try and re-invent the wheel or think you’re smarter than everyone else. Do what works…

And I highlight this concept in my article on 6 steps to getting started in REI.

I’m not a 10 year guru coach who has millions in assets. I’m just getting started like many.. but I’ve fooged up a lot, started in wrong ways, BUT gained some passive income that others (even gurus) don’t have.

And this article I show you the 6 steps I would do If I were to start over again:

Go here:
“Keeping you moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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