The most powerful tool of a deal-maker

Let me tell you about one of the greatest tools you can use to not just gain attention but keep an audience, and keep people thinking about you after…

This especially applies to you as a real estate investor whose:

– going face to face with sellers

– Going to network meetings looking for partners, or money

– Looking for a mentor

– Selling real estate

This tool I would find in very “old school” guys when I would visit sellers with them.

Back in my wee days of being a “baby” entrepreneur (I still considered myself a young and “dum” entrepreneur), I would happily share leads with old school guys just to see how they did things.

One, in particular, Jim (still a good friend today), has the ability to make sellers cry.

Not in a bad way.

But he was able to connect with them.

There’s a whole host of things he did (maybe not deliberate and he just did it from years of being in sales)… But one, in particular, is one of the best tools a copywriter and salesman must know (apart from the skill of asking good questions).

It’s the tool that will move emotions, build rapport and likeability.

What I’m talking about is storytelling.

And I didn’t reveal what it is at the beginning of this email, lest some shiny-object chaser reply: “I want the one-line closers!”.

I’ve been face to face with many people to sell them something (whether it be my cash offer, my notes, or client services)… and one thing I know FOR sure…

Is that trying to “close the deal” with tactics from the Grant Cardones’ and Zig Ziglar’s like: “Doesn’t that sound wonderful?” never worked.

It made both parties feel uncomfortable – it lures people away, it gets people to change their mind AFTER signing the deal.

We intrinsically know this by the way.

I know this is contrary to what many “sales” people say… that you have to get them to say “Yes!” (One of my favorite sales teachers Fred Herman teaches this). But for more personalities, it doesn’t work well. It’s hard sales and people can smell hard sales from a mile away.

I’m not alone in this… (read Jim Camp, Frank Bettger).

Bottom line…. there really isn’t a “one-line-closer”.

So, instead… there are questions and every once a while a story.

And yes, you can throw a story into your letters, your follow up, your Facebook ads, and your presentation… and it create a hell of a lot more readership and response than what everyone else is sending.

The typical letter and presentation in Real estate is filled with dialect: facts, figures, statements, promises, “I’m going to do this… I’m going to do that!”.

For years psychologist has said that humans do no make decisions based on logic. So trying to sell them with logic, facts, and figures don’t work. Yes, you have to back up your claims later with logic… but the real selling power comes from emotion; in other words: rhetoric: aka stories and powerful questions.

Stories create comfort, paint vision of pain and solution, and drive the emotion with is the sole mechanism for making decisions (read Psychologist Robert Cialdini if you don’t believe me)

(An example of its success: In one of my most recent and most successful letters: Selling a multi-million dollar development near the Vegas Strip with a 15-page letter, I lathered that bad-boy with stories of the Wealth Moguls in Vegas. It worked incredibly well in response)

But how do you create a story?

There’s actually a formula for stories…

And it’s highlighted and outlined for you in detail (decades of research revealing 7 basic stories and how to apply them in REI, whether it’s a physical presentation or print/digital ads)… on page 74 of my new book “Deal Attractors: Copywriting Secrets for Real Estate Investors to Win Motivated Seller Leads in Crowded Markets”

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Paul do Campo

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