The “Millionaire” Mentality

I think people have the wrong goals in mind.

I’ve worked at jobs where many believe that the end goal is to become a millionaire.

They say things like, “Once I become a millionaire….”

As if things change after.

But statistically speaking, most who win the lotto, end up in the same place they started: broke and miserable.

This is just from observation…. but every single person who has a side hustle and a big goal of “become a Millionaire” ends up giving up after a couple of tries.

It’s the reason why Bruce Norris said (I paraphrase), “Many students come in here to get rich off real estate. They mail 500 letters, and then quit after that saying ‘It’s too competitive’.”

The money goal doesn’t drive you long enough.

Mine for instance is two-fold: to be able to enjoy life anywhere I want, whenever I want, and never to ‘beg’ to use my measly 3 weeks of vacation. And second… to teach my kids (through example) that LIFE is too short to follow society’s stupid rules, or someones else’s goals and dreams.

That’s why I’m a firm believer in also ENJOYING what you do in your side hustle.

Because if you don’t…. you’re going to live a miserable life.

And most likely drop out.

When I casually spoke with the biggest Waba Grill fast food restaurant franchise owner in the city of Riverside (a city of 300k people), he loved food. So it made sense to open up a restaurant when he was young, naive, and only $3,000 in his pocket.

There’s a lot of different skills in real estate that you might really enjoy doing: putting deals together, closing deals, finding deals, managing, etc.

The important part is to figure that out and keep improving that skill set.

Mine for instance is writing and marketing.

Which is why I do this regular newsletter.

And, it’s another reason why I created the Deal Magnet New Membership.

Where I spill the beans on everything I’ve learned through the years and implemented, as well as putting on exclusive interviews with ‘in-the-trenches’ investors and marketing genius on how they find deals.

Like how Stephen McKee (founder of CRG, and IEREI club – one of the biggest REI clubs in Southern CA) tells what he would do if he started over again… or what his biggest deal source is and how he leverages it.

Or how Buddy Broome (prominent multi-family and creative finance investor in SO Cal) reveals how he follows up and it’s nothing fancy, automated, but builds incredible rapport by sending out a “special” item to potential sellers.

Or how I reveal my planning and strategy for 2021

Or how I explain the secrets of building a list and finding a list.

Or How I explain the “selling sequence” of direct response copywriters that will ensure you that you’re never “needy” in front of sellers, and you’re always focused on the goal.

Anyway… there’s a lot more in it… and you can consume it all on your mobile phone with an app, and it’s only .40 cents a day (less than the cost of your local REI club).

Might as well try it out, before I stop any more free trails (coming soon when the app is launched to the public), and when I raise the price (coming soon when I fill it with more value and launch the app)

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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