The Low-Low on buying more investments today

Ok, so I just finished an interview yesterday with the quiet-behind-the-scenes-but-controlling-the-whole-show…. Todd Bayer of CRG, the IEREI Club, and Back Porch Homes.

And, since that won’t be published until another 4 weeks from now I’ll just spill the beans on what he says you as an investor should be doing right now….

Because, with the coronavirus hysteria that’s got the global economy frantic about their money… some investors on my list are asking what they should do.

So here’s the low-low from Todd tha man:

“Keep doing what you’re doing….If anything is different, just provide some ease of comfort to buyers to view the house (if it’s not vacant), provide booties on their shoes, things like that. And maybe add another 45 days to sell, added to your evaluation… People are still buying and even doubling down right now. A lot of players aren’t scared and continue to buy”.

And I also got off the phone with my good friend Tommy Smith, whos crushing it in wholesaling here in SoCal, he’s doubling down himself; going full bore and not stopping.

Ok, so that’s that, not saying for you to do the same, your mileage varies and depends on your market of course and the amount of risk you can handle in-case everybody’s analysis was dead wrong (analysis are just that: opinions, so don’t coming to crying saying that Todd and Tommy led you the wrong way because the market took a dump… this is business and you need to take responsibility for the risks you take).

But, here’s my 2-cents with all this….

… Shifts in business are inevitable, and it’s businesses that don’t shift, add value, and/or change with the market that die off.

You have to learn to read the markets (the consumers/buyers/clients) and move with them, provided excellent value they can’t get anywhere else.

That’s why I’m creating the Deal Magnet Membership Newsletter, because finding deals is also a “market-shifting” concept, that takes awareness of what’s going, who’s mailing what, and whos buying what…

… basically, finding deals is a marketing principles that can be taught, hence my newsletter.

So tune into that…

But while you wait,

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If you join with them at, let me know, and I’ll guide you through what’s needed to get ranked and what you need to do on the site.

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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