The Howard Stern Cajones-Enhancing Method to Gain more respect WHILE avoiding the Time-Vampires

In latest news, Howard Stern slams Trump by saying:

“Trump doesn’t give one shiet about the public service”.

It’s ironic coming from a multi-millionaire who hasn’t done one finger-lift to help the community in need right now.

But, I’m not one to sway to the Left saying that wealthy people have to give. That’s their well earned money they can do what they want with it.

It’s however, ironic that he can just place his money where his mouth is and do a helluva a lot more good than slamming someone on the radio.

But, wealthy radio hosts who slam other wealthy people for not serving aren’t the only ones that don’t place their money where their mouth is.

…. Gooroos who preach about their expertise are another…. who haven’t done what they say they have.

I’m not one to say that Guru’s are evil; they get slammed a lot by people on Bigger Pockets because BP people believe that information should be free or very very cheap… a view I de-test as not just a seller, but an buyer/investor (yes, I invest in information, I don’t “pay” for it) in a lot of valuable information.

But, the BP people are only saying that because of the very few gooroos out there that ARE lying and cheating.

And these Gooroos can do a lot more for their LONG-TERM business if they just practice this one thing that you as an investor can take advantage of, no matter what your situation:

And that is:

Being Honest and Transparent about what you do (as a gooroo or an investor, or a salesman), will never hurt your sales (if played right) and, has in fact earned more trust and respect from the other person.

If you don’t the answer to something that a seller asks you… no need to bullshiet your way out of it by making something up.

If you’re caught BS’ing, you just lost all respect and the deal.

Be upfront… and say, “I really I don’t have the answer to that, But I can get the accurate information for you tomorrow or later this evening”.

And an even more “Cajones-enhancing” method that uses complete truth to not just stop time-wasting-vampires from wasting your time (where you can otherwise be talking with REAL motivated sellers)…. but to also, possibly earn a deal later down the road because of the amount of respect you gain up front…

… is something I wrote in more detail about in one of my issues of the Deal Magnet Newsletter… where I detail what I said to tire-kicker sellers on the phone that opened up future conversations and kept the ball rolling in case they do end being motivated (because even those who aren’t motivated NOW, will end motivated when they are losing the house)… WHILE not wasting any precious time with them.

More to come when I launch that this month…

In the mean time…

If you are wanting to know more about how to be a Money Magnet when it comes to getting private money offered to you (without seeking it), and referral leads…

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