The Greedy Ghouls lesson on working for free

Here’s another Halloween treat…

… The flesh-eating, shape-shifting Ghoul!

He/she lurks in cemeteries feeding of dead flesh.

But, dead flesh is never enough.

The women ghouls, instead, lure hapless men and children into corners only to slay them and eat their warm, blood-flowing human flesh. And they can’t have enough. They need more and more and more flesh to consume; never satisfied… roaming the earth looking for more.

They are a greedy bunch.

And their greed is never satisfied.

But the graveyard-wander are not the only greedy ones on earth.

Young, early real estate investors tend to get greedy too.

Now, more than ever, I’m discovering that when I give more of my time to help others, I get more in return.

But when I was younger, prowling the streets for deals to lure into the corner… I didn’t want to give any cent of my deal.

I wanted every penny. I didn’t want to bird-dog because I thought (It’s chump change for all that work…. when actually it would have taught me a whole lot and got under the wing of someone).

I didn’t want to give up a majority of the deal (when giving up some of the deal meant less work passed to me, and a strong relationship built with someone else. )

Little did I know, that by giving most of my profit to other investors who are making deals everyday, That the profit is LITTLE to the network you establish.

What I’m saying here is, the whole cliché still applies: It’s who you know.

But, we get focused one every cent/percentage of the deal.

I’m saying this to people just starting out. That sometimes, the relationship you build with people in your community is more VALUABLE, than every dollar of the deal.

Here in the internet marketing business, many joint venture with others, to help sell their products to their list… in exchange for a big percentage of sales. And if it’s some one of influence, you can probably be ok giving 100% of sales….because it’s not about the money at first.

Today, for instances, I volunteer my time to help someone I know with their online marketing. In hopes of establishing a good relationship, and furthering my own publishing business.

Anyway, that’s my 2-cents for today…sometimes, when you have opportunity to work with people who can greatly expand your network….that’s worth 100x more than the initial profit

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Paul docampo

p.s take the “Work for free” lesson gently and not verbatim as ALWAYS. Even though giving can be profitable at times, there’s other times where you have to get paid, and ask for the order/sale/close/the house.

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