The goo-rus were actually right about this powerful skill set

I interviewed an author and longtime mobile home investor yesterday (I hope to have the interview published in 2-3 weeks)…

… and even if you’re not interested in mobile homes, listen to it anyway because in the interview there are many lessons for you as a real estate investor to take with your everywhere you go.

One of them is something that she didn’t deliberately say but it is said indirectly.

And it’s the power of YOU.

Here’s a little clarification:

When I was writing for Investor Carrot, I would get on the phone with these high-volume clients and try and pull a USP (unique selling proposition… which is a unique message that no other competitors have ) out from their story and message.

Now, having a USP that helps you stand out to a mass audience is important if you’re marketing cold in a media that is flooded with competition (like direct mail, tv, online, etc).

However, if you’re like the Interviewee I spoke to yesterday…that’s not needed.

Because she “advertises” for deals by building her relationship up with a network (via park managers and residents).

Building your network doesn’t mean you need to have a unique message (although that can help)…

However, building your network is about two things:

1. YOU.. (your “unique message” is you and no one else… don’t try and sound like someone else or be fake, people will see right past that)

2. Following up… (in the interview she highlighted how her success was because she would pop into the parks from time-to-time and that alone would build a strong relationship.)

If you want to build a network that brings you deals (which is called “referral marketing” and it’s the cheapest easiest deals you can get), then you simply have to just SHOW UP to the meetings, events, etc… and contact these people from time to time

The “USP”, your unique message, is YOU. You’re the “brand” and message of your business.

Now, I’ve written a lengthier article on networking, in which I have recently been a huge proponent of building a network.

I used to poo-poo this powerful skill (mainly because goo-rus were always pounding their chest with the cliche, “your network is your net-worth” and I wanted to be different…

… but today I realize how true and important it is.

If you don’t like networking, and you think you’ll get away from it by just cold marketing for leads your whole life…

I’m here to tell you that’s a BIG mistake. I spent over $20,000 on direct mail and hours of cold calling and door knocking with no deal, and I could have just by-passed all of that headache… by networking

And in this article I write about the power of networking and the “How-to” :

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