The Father of Internet marketing and his fanboy reveal the problems with REI

Some of the biggest issues I see in real estate investors and wholesalers run rampant not just with REI operators (boots on the ground people finding deals) but Guru’s too.

One of which is: providing no value to people…

And treating their prospects like numbers.

Which is one of the reasons why I don’t do used up and abused daily emails like:


“Hey check this out…”

“I just wanted to make sure you get this new product….”

“Are you still selling?”

It’s one of the reasons why I choose to email with value, and conversation, and infotainment.

“Yeah, but does it work!?”, someone might ask.

Of course, it does… I have numbers to prove it… in fact, it worked like gangbusters when I was doing it selling land (This is NOT a new concept outside of RE)


Because people don’t want “PITCH MEN”.

It’s the reason why some of the best “belly-to-belly” investors know that they have to build rapport first. They don’t go to the door and start pitching.

It’s obvious. People’s first reaction is NOT to pitch when in front of others…

But then when it comes to marketing… they do the opposite and copy everyone else’s templates, methods, and strategies.

They copy what everyone else is doing, they scroll the internet to swipe and deploy someone’s letter thinking that’s the “magic bullet”, they try and learn “closing techniques” rather than learn the fundamentals of their business (appraising, financing, analyzing, salesmanship, direct response marketing etc).

Finding ways to stand out takes some guts… but I assure you (once you find the right “thing”), it can be a profitable blessing.

Avoiding “the norm” is what got me away from spinning my wheels and actually doing deals.


When I switched to mobile home flipping (which at the time was not popular at all), because I was just tired of burning up a few thousand dollars a month on direct mail because everyone says you should…

When I switched over to Land flipping… I met no one else in my REI clubs that do it.

When I started emailing (like I do here) to SELL land… everyone else was doing the typical, “Check out my lot for sale” while I was writing subject lines like: “City Dwellers have 33% chance of heart attack”.

And when you observe some successful people… they did the same in the past.

My good friend Andy…. starting doing mobile homes a decade ago when it was unheard of except for a couple of people in the US.

Another acquaintance by the name of Jerm (I’ll leave it at that), is always looking for ways to outmaneuver the competition. He started off on auctions a decade ago. It started getting hot, then moved into a different strategy, and another medium, and another strategy… always looking for the less traveled road by people….

John Schaub buys PRETTY houses, instead of UGLY houses…. Why? because he was tired of dealing with the results of ugly houses.

Anyway, the point is…

Theirs something to be had about asking yourself, “What can I do that no one else is doing?”… or… “What’s missing in the market”…. or… “What can I do better?”

I talk a lot about this in my new book called “Deal Attractors” that I just published on Amazon and much more in a new App called Deal Magnet News which I go over principles of marketing and sales (no, this is beyond copying SMS/cold-call scripts and “which works best?” type of questions)…

But… I won’t reveal it just yet.

I have some quirks to add to it.

For now…

Listen in on my interview with Ken McCarthy, a very influential person in my life and who TIME magazine named “The father of internet Marketing”:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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