the Devil’s backend profit

Happy Halloween. And there’s no better monster to start this day than another “undead” one.

One that happily (like the investor), makes “great” deals with others.

But this one make’s deceptive deals, “notes” that will screw you in the end.

I’m talking about the certain demons and even the Devil himself… who gives you your deepest desires in exchange for your soul in 10 years.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll know that we real estate investors do these kind of deals as well. Where you sell or buy or create a note with backend payments.

Much like the Devil who only profits later, you can create Cash Flow that only profits later.

But why would you do that?

There are a number of reasons… depending on the situation.

And some of it is explained in the link below.

But, this is just a scratch in the surface of the “Under World” of notes and cash flow.

You can create deals like this in any way you want… if you have control.

One way to have control is by selling properties on notes (collecting payments instead of a bulk one-cash payment).

Sure the cash is nice.

But the note creates power (and interest over time).

Now I can sit on vacation with a couple of thousand dollars of passive income a month and not worry about getting the next deal.

In the Millionaire Maker Next Generation Seminar, I took that knowledge and created notes with mobile homes and land (selling land isn’t taught in the seminar but I took what I learned and applied it there).

And If I wanted to… and I need the cash for other deals… I just simply sell the front end of my payments to another investor (much like the Devil deal but without anyone’s soul rotting in Hell)

So, to create deals to profit later, and enjoy the passive income for years to come (and by consequence: financial freedom), See the link below to learn about:

– how to multiply your money with great assets that produce…
– how to buy real estate for cash flow without ever being a landlord…
– how to use the financial calculator to analyze a deal…
– how to buy real estate with very little money using some amazing techniques you’ve never heard of…
– and how to find deals using the “old-school”, “hard-knock” methods that most people aren’t using…

And much much more

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Paul docampo

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