the “Dark Side” of selling

Behold, a powerful selling lesson from the darkest minds of the universe: Lord Sidious.


In Star Wars episode 3 a conversation takes place with Senator Palpatine and young Anakin.

Senator Palpatine, who’s really the Dark Sith Lord, Sidious, is probably one of the greatest villains of all the movies. He’s a mastermind, powerful, plays chess while everyone else is playing checkers, disguises his true intentions, always adapting and slightly changing his plans when a great opportunity comes about, and most importantly…

He’s a great salesman.

At this point in the movie, he’s already taken over the Republic and managed to have the Jedi Council (his enemy) bring him his very own army. His next step in his masterful plan is now he needs to secure himself one of the most powerful Jedi’s as his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker (later known as Darth Vader).

But, he can’t just reveal himself as the Dark Sith Lord… just yet.

He needs to “pre-sell” the moment first.

So, he explains to Anakin the secret techniques of the Dark Side.

Techniques that can bring people back to life, or protect them from death.

Palpatine does this because he knows, that is Anakin’s greatest fear: The loss of his wife.

Palpatine knows this (because he listened to Anakin).

Palpatine uses this fear (to appeal to Anakin’s greatest desire).

Palpatine reveals the “cure” to this fear of Anakins’ to set the stage for the true moment when Palpatine reveals who he truly is. If Palpatine didn’t do this first, Anakin would have reacted against Palpatine. Immediately alerting the Council to arrest and kill Palpatine.

But, because Palpatine gave a little information first while appealing to Anakin’s fear… he was able to, later on, turn Anakin to the Dark Side.

This, in marketing and selling, is called “pre-selling”.

And real estate investors going after motivated sellers can do the exact same thing. Pre-selling means you set the stage for you and your offer. You qualify. You build rapport (before even meeting the seller), you give details about what’s to come. And you build “likability” before the appointment.

One of the best ways I’ve seen this done in REI (besides some of the copy I show in the new book I’m coming out with), is through having your own website full of information.

A website for motivated sellers ain’t only for ranking, young Padawan.

It sets the stage for what’s next.

It qualifies.

It “pre-sells”

Making the selling job DURING the appointment easier and smoother.

There are numerous ways to use this site.

One being just sending motivated sellers the articles you have posted on your website.

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