The crystal meth super soldiers of REI

Let’s talk about “Secret Sauce”. I’ve heard this term a lot, with real estate investors asking,”I want their secret sauce?!”.

Like there’s some kind of magical pill, or secret technique.

Most of the time, there isn’t a “secret Sauce”. It’s only through repeated experience, increased skill level, knowledge (and most importantly) confidence…

But, in other cases, sometime there is 100%, a “secret sauce” .

Take the Nazi’s in WWII.

The allied soldiers thought that they were “Super Soldiers”.

They were voracious, unstoppable, and like the Energizer bunny, they just kept going and going and going…

They would blitzkrieg through an area for 3 days and 3 nights straight, having no sympathy for the people they were destroying, no remorse, and NO sleep.

On the outside they certainly did look like they were experimented on…

But the allies had no idea…

That they did have a “Secret Sauce”.

Something very simple.

Each soldier was forced to take a little over-the-counter pill… that was sold as a stimulator and Nazi Germany mass produced it To increase the soldiers energy.

That little over the counter pill is known today as… crystal meth.

That was their “Secret Sauce”.

And in real estate, little techniques of buying RE with no money down can be seen as wise-guru-hacks that only those with 30 years experience have access too.

In reality, I’ve seen many new ones, buy RE with very little money, close impossible deals, get deals much faster than others, and perform unique methods very little people do.

On the outside it makes them look like “Super Soldiers”.

In reality, they’re just practicing principles that are widely known.

Like a good friend of mine, who just started in the business. Found a mobile home on land, bought it with very little money, and in less than 2-3 months is now collecting a nice check every month… for life.

Yes you have to have to confidence to perform. But, you have to have the simple knowledge as well.

There’s nothing complicated about it.

And just in…

You can learn those techniques as well to become a “Super Soldier” in REI:

Techniques of:

– 40 Unique ways of finding deals
– Modes of Creative financing (like using a car to barter a downpayment)
– the “parts” of a house that you can negotiate for amazing deals that everyone involved will love you for
– Using the seller to fund a deal
– and much more

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