The Cardone punching bag

If you’ve been on social media, you’ll see a lot of your investor friends are tag-teaming up against the Grant Cardone.

Apparently, he’s going bankrupt, he’s fired a large percentage of his staff, and his Jet that he’s always touting about, is on sale.

But why’s Cardone getting singled out? Millions of entrepreneurs file for bankruptcy. Trump did.

I’m playing devils advocate here, and not jumping in with the band-wagon (just yet)…

… because the truth is, many business fail and make mistakes.

He’s getting a lot of heat from investors… because he sells thousand-dollar REI products on stage, and rubs the passive, behind-the-scenes, investor the wrong way.

All of sudden, because of that, he’s a scam artist, a con.

I don’t think he is deliberately a con. For all we know he may sell good products. (I actually bought one of his sales courses years ago and I remember it being good and worth the value).

This is what I think…

He’s a damn good salesman. That’s his skill set.

And his enthusiasm and energy is what people love.

But his money and fame got ahead of him, and when it comes to KEEPING money… he sucks at it.

(personally, I don’t care for him. He’s not my style. But, I won’t fall victim to what most people immediately do – which is, start railing on someone who’s become successful. It’s funny, people cheer on the start-up entrepreneur. Then when he/she gets to a high level of fame and riches, those same people start pounding on him/her calling them a con… maybe he deserves it, maybe not… I’m just playing the moderate here).

Here’s the key takeaway from all this:

MAKING money and KEEPING money are two completely different skill sets.

It seems a lot of young cats like Cardone, and the older ones hate him. Me thinks, it’s only because of his personality, not the front end value he brings.

Not because he’s a con (I think the “cons” out there are in the monitory… the marketplace is just full of people who want the quick buck and then don’t know how to PRESERVE that dollar).

Anyway, investors are usually pretty good at keeping the money.

It’s the making money and selling part we can learn more about.

Which is why I’m creating a Membership Newsletter called Deal Magnet.

There’ll be a few perks of being a subscriber, one of many is getting a first hand look at what REAL investors are doing today to find deals with exclusive interviews.

In the meantime,

If you want to learn how to “sell” online and attract leads…. hop on the “jet” to

It’s not for everybody, and if you’re wondering whether it is or isn’t’ for you and your marketplace, I’ll be happy to answer that truthfully. Just send me an email.

p.s. That’s a lesson for another day: tactful selling for the sake of selling something that someone DOESN’T need will hurt your long term business.

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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