The back-arse thinking of those who believe motivated sellers are registered like guns by the gov

Since I began in real estate investing and got myself into the “underground world” of Bigger Pockets, Local REI Clubs, wholesale forums etc…

I’ve learned there’s an obsession with finding leads.

And not just learning about marketing, but more about tools and software that “give” you leads.

There’s new products coming out every month as fast as I can write this daily email.

Which reminds of me of a time a good friend paid $7k for a top guru, to “bring” my friend Facebook leads.

Leads came yes.

They were all pertinent on Facebook ads (If I remember correctly) …

But the leads were ALL junk.

Granted, he and I both knew that you still have to follow up; that there COULD be a quality lead in that bag…

But, paying $7k for mostly JUNK…

And there is still a rage for “getting” leads for “free” through some push of the button software on your computer as if motivated sellers are like registered guns, being stored away in some government file somewhere where only these expensive “tools” and software have access to it.

That’s back-arss thinking and lazy thinking.

Instead, learn to find and cultivate your own leads.

You’ll be far better off than the ones who want the deals from some lazy-ass push of the button tool that are the new rage with guru’s.

Recently, I’ve had someone start taking over my website that targets mobile home sellers.

He wants to completely take it over and have online be his primary source for now, because of his words (I paraphrase):

“It’s the best quality leads I’ve seen and as long as I do the article work the site sits on page 1 at the top of keyword searches like ‘sell my mobile home fast’. ”

You’re mileage will vary depending on your location, the market, and competition….

… but anyone can rank for top keywords that motivated sellers ARE searching for right now.

Other than my Deal Magnet Membership-Newsletter that I plan on launching soon (I’m putting together a course on Local Lead Generation and getting together one more interview for it)…

… Where it reveals to you HOW to generate your own leads rather than rely on bought lists and templated follow up messages and “lead software” that everyone else is using…

… The other method to owning your OWN lead generation platform is through having your site Hosted through

This is where I host my mobile home site and where I got my start in online marketing knowledge.

It takes work, fair warning.

… More so depending on your market.

But, If the competition is low in your niche in your local area, AND as long as there’s motivated sellers searching online for a solution (which most likely there is)… then you can rank VERY quickly…

As long as you put in the front-end work (which isn’t much except create quality city pages, and post articles that Carrot gives you).

Check it out here and using my affiliate link grants you the privilege of taking up my time any day I have available, to talk about what you can do to rank and gain conversion increases with better copy:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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