The $95 Billion mistake of pulling out too soon

Here’s the story of the unknown partner of Steve Jobs who could have been worth $95 billion today if he didn’t sell his stock for $2300.

And it teaches us 2 very powerful lessons…

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their young ’20s started building computers in their garage, they brought in Ronald Wayne to help organize, create, and fund their new “baby”, Apple Computers.

Ronald came in as the “Adult Supervision”.

He wrote up the organization charts and each man’s responsibilities.

He funded some money for this venture.

He drew up the first Apple Logo.

He did this for a 10% stake in the business.

After only just 12 days of being with the young Apple cowboys who were neck-deep in debt.

He decided to sell his shares for a measly $800 – Later he took a $1,500 payout to remove his name entirely from Apple.

Later in his life, (when he would have been worth $95 Billion dollars) they interviewed him,

They found him in a mobile home park in Nevada playing penny slots and selling stamps and rare coins.

He left Apple because he had “too much to lose”. He had personally guaranteed the debt and he had some assets at stake (a house and a couple of patents).

Today, he says, he has no regrets of leaving, because he probably would have died early being “the guy” who just shuffles papers underneath the shadows of these intellectual giants.

Now, I won’t comment on the man’s life – Everyone is entitled to live the life they want.

However, the story displays 2 powerful lessons.

One is how easily people jump into major decisions.

The second is pulling the plug too early.

On the former: Some people just don’t think things through. They have an idea. They ponder it at SURFACE LEVEL. They don’t project their future thoughts and obstacles. They just think of the “now” without thinking of what lies ahead. I’ve partnered with someone (I’ve partnered with several people and I won’t name names), who jumped into a business with me full bore no thinking involved, and 60 days later they figure out: “I don’t want to do this work or this business”.

I’m guilty of that mistake too – I should have thought through the person I was partnering with. BUT, sometimes we don’t know what we want until we test it.

On the latter: It’s an obvious lesson of getting scared and pulling out too soon.

It’s the case for advertising and quitting too soon when you don’t have enough data, looking for deals and quitting cause you can’t find a deal, and shutting the doors on a business venture.

It’s the old analogy: “The gold miner was only 10 feet away from the gold vein when he quit”.

Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is that I just don’t like dealing with quitters much; people who just give up because it’s too hard, they can’t find a deal, etc. They act as if they are the ONLY ones pursuing this venture and there’s no one that can help.

There are thousands of resources that you can tap into TODAY that can help with whatever obstacle or problem that you face.

Thousands of people you’ve never met that can give you guidance TODAY.

The biggest asset that can help you today is your mind….. yeah I know this sounds “woo-woo”. But it’s true. We underestimate THINKING for ourselves.

That’s why I created this platform I’m about to introduce to you…

And it’s a resource that can help with finding deals consistently in crowded markets.

It’s a platform that I’m building that you can have access to immediately and get exclusive content to marketing and finding deals.

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That’s not all…

I’ve written direct mail packages to sell $2 million dollars worth of real estate, I’ve written and consulted with top gurus and investors in their market area on writing the web pages and figuring out a positioning strategy for their marketing, I’ve consulted various new investors on copy, and I’ve consulted with wholesaling groups on campaign strategies…

And with that… I can say thoroughly… that here is a LACK of direct response marketing principles in the REI world.

There are very few good marketers and salespeople that are ALSO investors.

Proof of this is online.

The web is scoured with people looking for the latest “swipe” and letter they can plug into their campaign. They say things like: “So and so is getting a 2% response rate! And I’ve found his postcard!!!”…. “I’ve used ‘so-and-so guru’s’ cold call script and It doesn’t work!!”

As if plugging a random postcard or script will get them the same results; without knowing what list, area, or strategy they are using.

So it leads me to what’s inside this Deal Magnet News:

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