The 70-year old laborer with nothing but the shirt on his back

I once worked with a 70-year old laborer

Well, He wasn’t exactly a laborer, he was a foreman, in the same position as me.

But, he was still over 70, out in the blazing sun, welding in painful positions, digging, and all other features of hard work just pounding away at his fragile body.

He was also paranoid AF; His head on swivel, always worried about losing his job.

And for good reason.

If he were to ever get fired at his age, there’s nothing really left for him. Very little people hire 70-year laborers.

But, it gets me thinking and it should get you thinking too; That time doesn’t slow down for you.

Yes, be patient… but don’t wait.

Diligently keep going in your venture and think about the 70-year laborer that has nothing else….

or before you know, age has caught up to you have no other assets to make up for it.

I sure as heck don’t want to be in that position… were I get to an age where I know nothing else but how to use my hands…

That’s why I choose the side-ventures I do.

And that’s exactly why my friend Jeremy Resmer chose to build a profitable business where it suits his lifestyle and preferences.

Tune into the PART 2 interview I did with him, where he talks about how he uses his wholesaling business to buy multifamily in his area on terms.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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