The 2021 Predictions – possible civil war?

I have a lot of interviews lined up this month and I always ask a few core questions to all of them.

One is: “What are you doing differently with COVID?”

And, “What do think will happen next?”

Almost everyone says the same thing (I paraphrase):

“Real estate is strong right now. But only because there’s a short inventory. I really don’t know what will happen exactly… but I do think that once this whole fiasco is over and things go back to normal, inventory is going to jump back up and there will be a correction.”

There are others outside of real estate (mainly the far-right bloggers), talking about the worst depression in US history to come, or even civil war inside the US (the US splitting).

Well, I’m no economic expert or political columnist… but I do know this, things are weird right now (for obvious reasons). And I don’t expect things to be the same. Nor for the real estate market either.

For instance, I think that we will have a flood of new investors and wholesalers operating on your streets. (I’m already seeing more bandit signs).

The reason being:

More people are online, more people researching, more people looking for “escape” and a new way to make income, more Guru’s are paying for Facebook ads getting there “Learn to flip real estate with no money” in front of people (more than ever I’m seeing).

On top of that…

With the motivated seller being online more often, and being slammed with more ads from wholesalers… skepticism goes up.

(the heightened number of phone calling scams, online scams, and overall cons targeting people in dispair doesn’t help)

So, as an REI operator, what are you do with the increase of competition and the increase of seller skepticism?

In my honest but BIAS opinion… I believe the answer to that is to have the presence of a REAL business.

When I interviewed Sensei Gilliland, that was one of his biggest recommendations for marketing:

having an online presence.

I know, I know a lot of individuals will disagree saying “I’ve been operating with no website for years”.

But things are moving. Things are different. Tech is moving, and we have to catch up with it.

No matter what your opinion of tech is… sellers still Google things. They still research online. They still Google your name.

Might as well take advantage of that.

And the only site I recommend is through my affiliate link below.

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I recommend them because I’ve used them for my own REI.

And it’s been the best quality leads I’ve seen (that’s not just my reports, that’s clients, and people on my list, and the individual who has taken over my mobile home website)

So, if you are serious about having the presence of a real REI business… head down to the link below:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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