Systems that avoid wasted hours listening to Sellers Alien Stories

Let me tell you a story of the crazy alien seller…

It was when I was door knocking with a fellow (big brawly body builder that grew up in Compton)… and we were door knocking NODs (notice of defaults, which means these were homeowners about to go into foreclosure).

There was a lot mistakes done back then, and no deals purchased with this strategy (not to say you can’t buy a property in foreclosure)… but one of the lessons I took from it is that the “one-call” close is rare and as a newbie back then that’s all I was looking for.

So, there was this house in Chino, and we did our usual routine, go into the house to talk about her situation.

She was strange off the bat.

Attempting our rapport-building, we immediately tried to empathize with her situation; listening, letting her tell her story…

Which started heading toward far… far left field.

I’m talking about Abductions, Mountains disappearing, death camps hidden as Walmart warehouses… ghosts appearing in bathroom… the works… and she truly believed in it all and tried to convince us.

For hours that’s what she talked about… not her situation.

She even expressed briefly how she’ll get out of this foreclosure mess (due to some type of loop hole conspiracy theory again).

Anyway point being… I spent waay too long with a dead-lead.

And, I spent not enough time following up with these leads.

These leads hardly ever sell to you the first time you meet them.

Start creating a system where you follow up consistently… a schedule for yourself and this is the most important schedule of your calendar.

Too many people let their emotions control their follow up system… where you’re sitting their with your list of sellers to call back and then your rationalization-hamster-wheel starts to kick in saying:

“Oh well It might be too soon, I’ll call back later….”, “I don’t think they seem motivated enough”…etc

This is not what top businesses do.

They follow up no matter what, and aren’t at the whims of their emotions. They are at them whims of their schedule and system.

A follow up system can be done manually (on a spreadsheet which is cheap but difficult to manage)… or with software’s which can be pricey.

There’s a whole host of different software’s. The only one I’ve tried was Investor Fuse and I thought it was great. (In which I interview the VP Carlos)

If you have a questions about it shoot them my way.

In the meantime… the best host for your real estate investor website is

If you’re looking into getting online, I highly recommend them with all the training they offer and top stellar looking sites that naturally rank (you still have to do some SEO work like any other hosting site… don’t be fooled into the services that promise ranking).

It’s here:

p.s. I understand I’m a little backlogged in these interviews. Like most things in life, they take longer than you assumed. So, I promise once they are up, I’ll let you know.

Also, I (possible) do plan on getting these on Podcast directories for your listening convenience.
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