Stories that “melt” sellers

Here’s an interesting story…

I’m sure you’ve heard of M&M?

Well’s here’s how they got the decades, long-standing slogan:

“Melts in your Mouth Not in your Hand”

They candy actually started as a war ration in the 1940’s

It was created for soldiers as a treat to be able to take anywhere in world and never worry about melting in their pocket, like chocolate bars do.

Well, it was a huge success in the military.

Soldiers took it back and they were addicted.

The creator decided to make this commercialized.

So he took his candy to Rosser Reeves.

Reeves is well known in the marketing world as the “USP guy”.

He made television advertising big and successful in the 1950’s and he’s known to have coined the term “Unique Selling Proposition”.

Reeves listened to M&M’s story and why it was created.

Hey listened intently, and went to the drawing-board to hammer out some USP’s and campaign ideas (incidentally this is the exact process I did when writing copy for Investor Carrot clients).

And after a few days… the slogan was born.

A slogan that tells the whole benefit and story of the candy in one sentence

What’s this got to do with REI?

Not much… except it’s got a LOT to do with selling.

As investors don’t be afraid to tell your story.

If it’s an interesting one, write in a way in your actual letter, or follow up content, or in a sales presentation

(This is something I’ll be talking about a lot more in a Newsletter/Membership I’m publishing soon as well as a book, like using stories to sell or avoiding tire kickers but turning them into a possible deal later if they ever turn motivated with plain honesty and credibility from the first phone call… more to come about that)

Stories sell (period).

Learn to tell stories and you’ll have no issue building rapport.

Speaking of Carrot and Selling with stories…

If you’re wondering whether or not you should get a website…

“Pre-Selling” yourself is MUCH easier when you have a website… when you can send articles from your site. In fact, I remember sellers/buyers being SOLD before I actually spoke to them on the phone because they read my material online.

And Carrot can provide that with templated pages and content for you to send.

If you’re wondering if it’s a magic-touch-of-the-button, automatic leads…. no.

It takes some work to rank a site (and depending on the competitive level of your market… it can take a loong time to rank).

But there are other ways for lead gen, and the site has other uses… like credibility for one.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, use my affiliate link below and I’ll consult with you and re-write one page (a $400+ service I did a couple years ago for Carrot) .

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