shame on these 8000 pipeline workers that Biden let go of

Biden laid off 8000 Keystone pipeline workers.

Well, sort of… just indirectly with his executive order to shut down the Keystone pipeline.

I’m not here to talk politics (or maybe I am)… but being in the oil and gas industry myself I hear about these things.

And there’s a big agenda to eliminate Natural Gas (which is why I see no sense in investing in natural gas stocks but instead green energy like hydrogen which gas companies are moving into)

Their agenda is to shut down oil one pipeline at a time. Now I’m a big environmentalist myself… but forcing an agenda in this way?!

8000 workers who have no other skill sets, sent home. No sympathy from the party, no other way to get them back into the economy. No type of relief (while the gov bales out and reliefs people who don’t need it)… Just a “good luck” pat on that back…

But…. shame on them as well.

Yes, I do have empathy for them. I’m a pipeline worker myself. They relied on America’s push for energy independence and then America turned around and changed its mind.

I’m the devil’s advocate here and how I see it is when you rely on ONE of anything, all it takes is one government agenda, one complaining client, one burned house, one tenant… one [fill in the blank] and your mode of income is “poof” gone.

(they had to see this coming)

That’s why I told a co-worker the other day… start getting immersed into SOMETHING else. He’s into stocks. He would LIKE to know how to trade. So I “said great, now learn everything you can right now. Get immersed in the subject. Buy and read books and newsletters and products. That way if anything does happen, you can rely on that for SOME sort of income.”

(on a side note: “Why didn’t I tell him to invest in real estate?” Because the simple answer is: different strokes for different folks, Murdock. And he at least knows the power of RE).

Speaking of “one of anything”.

It blows my mind that wholesalers rely on ONE sketchy source for leads.

I talk a lot about this, and I’ll bring it up again: if you’re established already as a wholesaler but relying solely on SMS or cold calling or RVMs… you are one complaint away from getting shut down.

I’ve already seen it.

On forums when wholesalers are ranting about their “stupid SMS company shut them down, What SMS platform you use?”

And then they jump to another SMS platform to repeat their mistakes and get shut down again in this endless merry go-around

It’s not the platform’s fault. They have to abide by the law.

A better way is to use SMS LEGALLY and legitimately, which is talked about in my DEAL MAGNET NEWS platform with an interview with the SMS marketing pro today, Chad Collins.

But that’s neither here or there.

Instead, what I wanted to talk about is my immersion into a subject that can help you if you’re stuck on ONE way of marketing.

And that’s my immersion in direct response copywriting and marketing. I’ve spent years in this rabbit hole, gobbling up any information with the old school guys, reading books 5x, buying great info products and consuming, and more importantly…

… Using it for my own businesses and clients.

And I’ve put together a structure of WRITING for any medium for the real estate investor.

A formula for standing out in any medium and any crowded market.

And it’s all in my book: Deal Attractors, Copywriting Secrets for Real Estate Investors to Win Motivated Seller Leads in Crowded Markets”.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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