Send the Retail sellers to the real investors

Yesterday, I published a short audio on the definition of repulsion marketing.

In which my pal Andy Responded:

“I love overpaying for homes, but I’m not a wholesaler. Send the retail sellers to the real investors!!”

And like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof says, “You know, you are also right” my friend.

That’s why wholesaling is not investing. Wholesaling is a buy-and-sell business that relies on marketing and selling and the systems to manage the input of volume and output of volume… not investing knowledge. The product, in this case, a cash offer (usually) in the front end, and a house on the back end.

But… if you are a wholesaler OR someone who’s wondering, “what the hell is this guy Andy talking about?!”

Well, then… you might want to tune into the link below explaining how you CAN OVERPAY for a house… even $100k over the market value.

This isn’t a click-bait trick to get you to read the page.

This a real thing that my friend Buddy Broome, a full-time investor in MFH in LA does every year when buying buildings… and who I interviewed in the Deals Today podcast.

Paying more than retail value relies on ONE thing…

It’s not appreciation, it’s not depreciation write off, it’s not future value….

It’s cash flow.

If you’re a buy and hold investor… that’s the priority number you need to know when buying a property. Not price.

To discover what I’m talking about, go to this sales page here (yes, sales page, not an article… that right there is an example of repulsion marketing, repelling those who are afraid of being sold valuable items to)
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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