Rules Not Emotions

Just last week a buyer called me rude and mean. And said, "I hope you sleep well tonight".
This was a response when I told her the property was sold already.
Before I get into the story, the lesson here is when I'm selling land or mobile homes, I don't hold property anymore. That is my rule, and everyone should be setting up rules to your own business.
     If you go by your day without rules, you're whole business is run by your emotions.
Avoid being swept from one day to the next by emotions, by setting up rules.
One of them for me, like I said earlier, is I don't hold property for anyone. It's a first come first serve. He with the money gets the property.
     Plain and simple.
I don't care if she had put a lot of time researching the property (it took her 3 weeks). I don't care if they loved the property but was unsure. I don't care if she never deliberately SAID she wasn't interested (the whole time she kept talking about the negative factors of the property; unappealing answers shes getting from County).
    Sounds cruel?
Well maybe it is....
But the times I had held property for very "promising" buyers was the day that I passed up another buyer, and the original "promising" buyer has some other excuse as to why they can't buy it, and I end up holding the property for 4 months after that....
Buyers don't care about your money or time.
Now, don't get me wrong, I do of course care about buyers. But, the rule is, if you want it, you need to fork over the cash.
I don't sway away from that anymore. Because everytime I do, I get screwed.
Here's another example of my rules:
When selling land that's less than $10k retail price, one of my rules are that I don't accept a down payment unless it's 80% or more of what I paid for it. So if I paid $1k for the property, then I only accept at least $800 down payment.
There other rules you can set up for yourself. Rules that help with your success for lead generation.
Things like:
- I don't stop door knocking until I've knocked 100 doors today.
- every Wednesday I warm call my leads
- every Saturday I door knock for new leads (no matter what)
- I give offers to everyone (even retail sellers)
These are just some examples, but the point being is that allows rules to run your business. Because you can't control the outcome (ie. you can't control if you're going to get a deal or not), but you can control what you do on a daily basis.
Control it with rules.
So, there endeth the lesson for today.
Enjoy your day, and set up those rules.