Property, Offers, and products that sell themselves

Back when I had trouble selling a mobile home that sat for 6 months on the lot, while I kept paying the lot rent every month (trust me there was no negotiating with that park), and I had another project I was working on while having little money to pay contractors except through ranking up credit cards… and all while trying to get a decent night sleep without thinking about it much…

I had a co-worker tell me: “The mobile home will sell itself”.

Let me give you and another example:

I had another acquaintance who worked for AAA insurance.

He went on about how many sales he gets per month. I mentioned how he must have a good system of selling in place.

He said, “Naaw… the product sells itself.”

Products that sell themselves are true to one extent…. but you need great positioning and a good market in place, just like our AAA example.

But in real estate, if it’s not a market where it’s flying off the shelf just because you put a sign down… “products that sell themselves” just don’t exist.

What’s required for selling (any industry, market, etc): A good offer, a good message, in front of the right people.

This is universal in any industry…. yes this applies to real estate as well (I’ll say it again and will continue to do so… REI is not in a bubble when it comes to commerce, selling, and business).

When I first started selling land, the guy that taught me said to me: “Any piece of land can sell if it’s the right price.”

Now, if it’s a burning hot market, a lot of this just doesn’t apply. Because the right people come to you, and you can say just about anything for them to buy it.

But any other market, whether you’re selling cash offers or creative offer for acquisitions, or selling real estate… you still need three pieces to the puzzle:

1. A good offer (the price, the creative offer, the features)

2. the right list (The right area, the right people coming to view the property (the top agents with swelling buyers lists))

3. And a good message (that grabs their attention, that turns the features into benefits, that pronounces the “big idea”, that stirs the emotion, that keeps them reading, that prompts them to take action)

This is a spin on Dan Kennedys famous “Trifecta”– Message, Media, Market

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