Professional Investors roll around in manure

Here’s a story of having fun as a professional investor while getting the “shiet” thrown at you.

{ There were eight year old twins. By the time they got to be eight years old, they were driving their parents crazy because one of the twins was down, depressed and negative, and the other one was positive, up and energized all the time.

Well, the parents finally decided to bring them to a child psychologist.

After a few sessions, the psychologist decided to do a little experiment.

So, when they came in, he took the negative boy and brought him downstairs, and in the room was ice cream, cake, candy, video games, rocking horses, everything an eight year old would want.

He said to the eight year old boy, “Why don’t you stay here and play while I meet with the other brother?” The kid walked off, sat in the corner, and sucked on this thumb.

The psychologist went upstairs and got the positive kid.

He brought him down the hall to this huge gymnasium, but there wasn’t basket balls and baskets. There was just this huge mountain of horse manure that almost went to the ceiling.

He said, “Son, why don’t you stay here and play for half an hour while I meet with your brother?”

Almost instantly, the positive kid starting running up the mountain, rolling down the mountain, and within a few minutes, he was a total mess.

A half an hour later, the psychologist went down to see the negative boy.

He was still sitting in the corner sucking on his thumb.

The psychologist said, “Why don’t you have some ice cream, candy or cake?” “I might get sick.” “Why don’t you get up on the rocking horse?” “I might fall down and get hurt.” “Why don’t you play with the video games?” “I don’t know how.” “Well, why don’t you follow me? You might learn something.”

So, he went back upstairs to the gym, and the positive kid was still running up the mountain, rolling down.

The manure was in his hair, down his shirt.

It was a total mess. When he saw the psychologist, he came running over all excited. The psychologist said, “What in the world are you doing?” The positive kid said, “Well, I figured with all this horse manure, there must be a pony somewhere.”

There must be a pony somewhere. “}

And so it is… in entrepreneurship, in becoming a professional investor… you have to look through the manure to find your “pony’s”.

A lot of nasty manure, stinks and you have no idea what you”ll find it in.

On the outside people have no idea what we’re doing or how much “stink” you’ve been, through, doors slammed in your face, walking down the the proverbial street not knowing if you’ll succeed…

… But they still lament and gnash their teeth, sucking on their thumb, about how they can’t achieve their dreams, it’s too hard…

… “Huh!” you and I chuckle at the pity talk.

They haven’t seen nothing, they don’t have a clue, and here they are crying about how “hard” it is.

But, if you’re rolling around in manure… you might as well be positive and make some fun out of it like the kid in the story.

And so it is with my friend Jeremy Resmer in this interview where he does go over the Manure but this time he does find his “pony” by creating a business that buys cash flowing properties on terms with a very small team in place.

Check it out here:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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