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The Father of Internet marketing and his fanboy reveal the problems with REI

Some of the biggest issues I see in real estate investors and wholesalers run rampant not just with REI operators (boots on the ground people…

Axing neediness

During the Christmas season, My wife and make it a tradition to watch a few great movies every year. One being, “It’s a wonderful life”….

The “Millionaire” Mentality

I think people have the wrong goals in mind. I’ve worked at jobs where many believe that the end goal is to become a millionaire….

The Wet Bandits reveal an investing tip

While watching Home Alone during our Christmas week, the “Wet Bandits” stakeout method got me thinking about real estate and marketing. At the time I…

The dangers of following “successful” techniques

While browsing through a copywriting Facebook group I’m a part of. There was a post of a VERY old ad. It was an ad about…

Getting almost anything you want by getting to first base.

The famous Robert Fragoso (a 30-year Plus investor) once spoke at a local REIA (pre covid). And what he said was very simple but some…