negotiation with a homeless homeowner

Here are some negotiation tips…

… don’t beat them to a pulp

I do this with my daughter quite a bit. She’s 5 years old (and the girliest girl you can think of with her princess dresses she wears everyday, and her dollhouse full of Disney princess dolls).

She likes to play hide-and-seek.

But it wouldn’t be much fun for her if she lost every time.

So, I play along, sometimes making it seem like she’s in a good hiding spot… making it easy to find me.

And so it is with sellers or anyone else for that matter.

No one wants to feel beaten.

They want SOME KIND of win out of this.

I remember years back negotiating with a homeowner, and my cash offer made him feel like he completely lost. And he was desperate and would take it anyway. But, he hated the idea of “losing”.

So, instead, I brought the offer up to where he wanted but with payments… and he loved it (mainly because he was homeless; yes, he was strangely homeless, living on the streets of San Diego but had a home in Riverside , CA).

The point being… as the Late Great Jim Camp teaches… Negotiation isn’t a “battle”. You should never be “fighting” your seller. She’s not your enemy.

Giving them what they want and making them feel like it’s a win can be hard, and takes some digging and thought.

But practice asking the right questions, and making them feel good about the whole deal. Don’t fight them.

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