How to Flip Mobile Homes into Cash Flow with Rachel Hernandez

One of Lonnie Scruggs Direct Students, shows us how to bring deals to you using nothing but rapport and relationships


It’s not often we hear business leaders preach the importance of following your personality and sticking to what feels right. While many envision businessmen and women as emotionless robots who tuck away personal flare when it comes to closing a deal, real estate investor extraordinaire Rachel Hernandez bases her business plans on who she is…and it’s made all the difference.

Rachel went from a sales executive at a Fortune 500 company to following in the footsteps of Mobile Home Guru Lonnie Scruggs and finding her niche in mobile homes.

In this interview, Rachel explains how to start investing in mobile homes, the importance of managing relationships with park managers, and how to use your personality as a guide for business decisions.

Whether you’ve already tread real estate water and are hoping to transition from single-family to mobile homes or are just beginning to dip your toes in REI, Rachel offers advice on getting started and avoiding costly pitfalls.

You’ll also hear…

  • From beginning to end, how to make mobile home investing work
  • What type of agreement she makes with buyers when she sells
  • Her number one source of lead generation
  • Who the “gatekeepers” of mobile homes are and how to build rapport
  • The staple of Rachel’s business operation 
  • How to manage contractors and construction costs
  • Applying the 80/20 rule of business
  • Her “common sense” secrets to getting hot deals straight from the managers
  • How to get started even with no capital!
  • and much more

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