A Ph.D. in Wealth Creation?

 Lead Generation... Deal-Making... Negotiation... and no-money-down Buying Strategies Revealed by

Southern California's most Sophisticated investors

If you're hustling and bustling every day looking for deals and trying to reach the financial freedom you've been striving for...

... Then you might want to tune into what these 8 investors are revealing.... and what you've been doing wrong!

Once a w-2 employee, Buddy Broome now a wealthy investor because of these powerful techniques he taught at this seminar

Dear Friend,

We all want financial freedom.

But, instead, you're chasing seller-after-seller, having a hard time finding deals, and creating a job even though your whole purpose in REI was to GET OUT of the 9-5... not create another one!

What was the reason you started real estate investing?

Wasn't it to retire rich (and early), live free, and do what you want while passive income swarms in every month?

But, instead, you found yourself wholesaling to build capital so that one day... you can buy these cash-flowing properties. All because REI forums advised to start wholesaling.

That piece of advice couldn't be further from the truth 

Because these 8 wealthy investors that I'm about to introduce you to....

... they, shockingly, never wholesaled. 

And, they bought (and still buy) cash-flowing assets, with very little money to start.

And they did it in their own backyard...(no matter how expensive you think your area is)

They talk about it here and spill the beans on their ways, right in this exclusive 3-day seminar that we have available for you.

This 15-hour, 10-presentation seminar that you can start listening to today (for half the price of a live seminar)...

... shows you:

  1. Creative-little-secrets to buying real estate without traditional banks and with very little money, that anyone can do in any market... (No, this isn't a "wholesaling" in disguise seminar, or "use credit cards to buy property" seminar)
  2. Where and how to leverage your money so that your profits are tax-free.... (the secrets of a Self-directed IRA that the top 1% use)
  3. 40 unique ways of finding deals in your own "back-yard"... (no, this isn't a basic marketing seminar. So Cal's flipping expert shows you overlooked methods to getting deals coming to you)
  4. The inside look of a profitable note business... (note investor of southern CA shows you the guts of the business and how to produce hassle-free cash flow that comes in month-after-month while vacationing anywhere you want)
  5. How to do a solid property title report .... (so a bad property doesn't bite you later and lose tens of thousands of dollars)
  6. How to profitably flip houses in Southern California... (or any other similar areas and build a team so you can step away)
  7. The "Currencies" of Real Estate... (buying real estate is not about how much capital you have. Discover ways, other than cash, you can leverage a deal using the "components and parts" of a single-family-house)
  8. How to cash flow $400 per month with inexpensive mobile homes... (and never worry about toilets, turnover, or tenants -  "Wobbly Box" presentation)
  9. Ways to turn EVERY lead into a deal... (multiples way to buy a house that puts you light-years ahead of your competition who know nothing more than a measly "cash-offer"... while you do options, lease option, seller finance, partial buys, and many more)
  10. How to use the most powerful tool in the financial world to buy houses with very little money.... (And buying them at FULL PRICE. It's a simple tool that the savviest investors carry everywhere)

NOTE: This is the ENTIRE "Millionaire Makers The Next Generation" series. You get all 10 presentations with the corresponding reading material... you get them all for $297; totaling 15 hours of skills and knowledge to put you in the 1% of millionaire real estate investors. 

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Here's More:

If you want to know more about who these speakers are, and what they reveal... then keep reading and even tune into the sample video below showing you how "taking a loan" rather than "selling" means you won't  pay one dime in taxes!

Who are these "Mysterious" Investors and why do they matter? 

“Old-school” investors from the ’70s till now are the ones who’ve set the road for creative real estate. Names like Jimmy Napier, Lonnie Scruggs, Ward Hanigan, Jack Miller, Barney Zick, Clyde Wilson and many more…

“Old-school,” “hard knock” investors who’ve turned many individuals into early-retired millionaires through powerful techniques.

But most of those educators are either passed-away or too old to teach anymore. (plus there's more money in flipping real estate than teaching)  So, instead… we’re seeing stages filled with fancy wholesaling “gurus” driving rented Ferrari's… up-selling you to $30,000 coaching programs… and teaching general fluff that you can find on biggerpockets.com for free.

These expensive weekend seminars have been taken and implemented by investors like you and me, but to no avail (only to see it’s a $5k seminar to up-sell you again). Maybe you got a couple of deals by working your butt off, putting up bandit signs… or mailing thousands of mailers… but at the end of the day, you realize…

“I'm working day-and-night, with no financial freedom insight… what’s missing?”

Financial Freedom= passive income from anywhere in the world

The simple answer is…  these gurus teach the same fluff from one seminar to another: No content to put you ahead of the game. None of the fundamentals to investing, negotiation, and deal-making.

As a backlash to all this guru non-sense… the “Millionaire Makers the Next Generation” seminar was born.

This unique seminar brings the “old-school” ways of real estate, wealth-building, and ultimately financial freedom to your home. These 8 brilliant investors learned at the feet of these masters and are here now to pass it on to you...

Instead of pounding the pavement every day, pushing your freedom away...

You can learn the "hidden" principles of real estate investing (found no-where else), and magnetize your well-deserved Financial Freedom. So that you can ...

... live a longer, richer, and financially-free life


Get the ENTIRE Seminar NOW...

... or keep reading about what's inside:

The seminar, if watched entirely, will take you through a discovery of new skill-sets and knowledge.... to become a well-rounded investor in your market:

First, It's starts with lead generation, where Cindi Monaco (Chicago Title) Stephen Mckee (40 ways to find a deal), and Andy Teasley (Buy a Cash Flow Property Tomorrow) reveal unique, but overlooked, methods to find leads....

 ... in places you would never think of looking (not your typical "Bandit Sign" seminar)

Secondly... you'll discover techniques and principles that help you dominate your market… NOT by sending more mail or putting up more bandit signs, but,

... By Turning More Of Your Leads Into Deals...

Charlie Hustle, an active So-Cal Wholesaler, closes 1 deal per 30 leads... using techniques that are also taught here

And 6 out of the 10 presentations in this seminar, demonstrate and reveal this concept to you; they are:

  1. "Turn every lead into a deal" with Stephen 
  2. Financial Calculator and seller finance with Buddy Broome
  3. "Creative Finance Panel" (four of the most creative investors in So Cal)
  4. "Buy a Cash Flow Property Tomorrow" with Andy
  5. "What you have, to get what you need, to get what you want" 
  6. "40 unique ways to find deals"

Once you discover how to turn more leads into deals... (and While everyone else is running around trying to get 1 deal for every 200 leads)you're creating 2-6 more deals from that same number of leads (which means a lot less work and more money in your pocket)....

All because you’ve discovered to problem-solve and create more opportunities that your competitors will never see, which is all shown in this 3-day seminar.

     After you’ve discovered the art of deal-making…

Thirdly... You can then... learn how to explode your profits from little-known-secrets that wealthy, early-retired real estate investors use to multiply their income and save HUGE on taxes….

... that is the key-stone to becoming the “Millionaire Next Door“

Then, discover an in depth knowledge of various REI niches, like:

  • Note investing
  • Buy-and-hold
  • Single-family Flipping
  • Mobile home flipping
  • Note "creation"

Audio, video and PDF's delivered digitally

EASY to download or stream from any computer and/or cellphone

Here's the full-scoop on what you can take away today... and implement the same day (and the sample video below):

  • Using other forms of payments instead of cash... how Bill Tan used a new truck to buy a house.
  • Find the most heavily neglected properties in your area by going online. Very few investors use it or know about it... Stephen Mckee in "40 ways to find a deal."
  • The right questions to ask sellers... the part that gurus don't teach.
  • You don't have to be technical or sophisticated at all.
  • How to flip an under-performing note in 90 minutes... Bill Tan in the Creative Finance Panel.
  • The inside of a note business...how to purchase and sell a note (so that when the market shifts you can purchase these high profiting deals for penny's on the dollar).
  • Is paying $100,000 over retail-price a good deal...? Most say NO. But Buddy Broome, buy-and-hold expert, says differently.
  • How price is the LEAST important factor in buying real estate investments.
  • Should you get an LLC...? Stephen Mckee says NO, unless you make over this amount.

- How to find deals without a complicated marketing system… Stephen Mckee’s “40 ways to find a deal”. I promise you there’s nothing fancy about his marketing plan. Simple everyday techniques you can do that most people don’t know about and uses very little money.

- Want to know the most important thing that you can learn in this seminar…? It’s how to “blow”up your profits using an IRA. A self-directed IRA is the secret to the “millionaires", where they carry their profits TAX-FREE into their next deal. In Kaaren Halls presentation, learn how to take advantage of your IRA using real estate to double, triple, and even quadruple your profits with huge tax advantages.

  • You're most likely throwing profitable deals away... 45 pages showing you how every single seller conversation could mean money in your pocket... Stephen Mckee in "Every lead is a deal..."
  • Learn how to literally find a cash flowing deal with one day of door knocking... Andy Teasley
  • Learn the best way to find deals in your area ("all that you need to set you up for life")... Stephen Mckee
  • Get the app that shows properties not listed under the MLS... Cindi Monaco
  • Calling FSBO listings aren't a good source of leads anymore right...? Wrong. Why FSBO can be a great source for seller finance... Stephen McKee in "40 ways to find a deal
  • What to do when you don't have "time"... Stephen
  • Where to find all the "Liens and Judgments" leads in your area. Very few investors know about this public index... Stephen
  • Borrowing money for RE purchase is a simple deed of trust right...? Wrong! Get the right report or you might not be able to resell... Cindi
  • The most under-used but most useful person before meeting with a seller or door knocking... It's the "Miss Kravitz" of real estate... Andy
  • How to give the seller their price almost every time... and still be a GREAT deal for you... Creative Finance Panel

Creative Little Secrets To Wealth Building For Any Stage Of Your REI Career

  • If you're a new investor... Discover many niches you can start on... discover what it takes to become successful... learn how you can buy property with very little money (it's not easy but worth it)... learn from the experts of the experts... Learn the questions to ask sellers... learn effective marketing for deals.
  • Leveraging "ups" and "downs" in the market to buy the right assets to protect your wealth.
  • If you're a buy-and-hold investor... learn how to negotiate seller financing with almost every seller... learn how you can sometimes purchase an investment at above retail price and still profit (It's NOT because of appreciation)... learn the most under-used metrics every long term investor needs to know... purchase assets using creative techniques that commercial investors use everyday...
  • Learn to make "bad" deals into great deals
  • If you're a flipper... learn to find deals easier... learn to leverage people... learn to scale... learn to evaluate property in under 10-minutes like a professional flipping company
  • Learn about the "magic-eight-ball" that can make or break an investment.
  • If you want to retire early... learn how to use real estate to "blow up" your ROI... learn how to recycle profits tax-free... learn how you can literally become a millionaire in 5-10 years starting with $2,000.
  • Learn how to make creative solutions using only the financial calculator.
  • f you're a mobile home investor... refresh your knowledge on the financial calculator... learn new methods to finding deals... learn the Lonnie Scruggs way of "rehabbing"... learn what to repair and what not to repair.
  • Tap into the "8th Wonder of the World" (compounding interest) to retire early.
  • If you're a seasoned investor... learn how to maximize the return of every deal by using a handy calculator... learn how to make almost every lead into a deal... learn new ways to find deals... learn new unique niches to capitalize on... learn to shift with the market cycles.

Here's the all-star line-up:

1. “What’s working in today’s note world”…. complete guide to buying notes… with Gerald Lemoine

2.  “Financial calculator and seller finance”.. by Buddy Broome

3.  “How to self-direct your retirement savings” …  with Kaaren Hall

4. “How to find a cash flowing deal tomorrow”… with Andy Teasley

5.  “Creative finance panel”… A panel discussion with 4 of the most creative investors

6.  “How to start buying and flipping homes in southern California”.. with Stephen Mckee 

7. “40+ ways to find a deal” …  Stephen Mckee

8. “Every lead  is a deal.. you just don’t know it”… Stephen Mckee

9.  “Chicago Title”…  What you need to know about title and the best resources and tools every diligent investor needs… with Cindi Monaco

10. “What you have, to get what you need, to get what you want”..The great Peter Fortunato’s presentation… with Andy Teasley

  • Each investor brings you their techniques
  • Each investor brings your their system
  • Each investor with a decade or more of experience
  • Each investor brings you their ideas
  • Each investor in a different niche to give you a well-rounded knowledge of REI

If You're Still On The Fence... Please Hurry To Make A Decision...

This full seminar may not be available forever at this price.

Now I'm not just saying that to create some sort of urgency... Because I really don't know when (or if) I'll be raising the price on this. Since these are essentially 10 separate seminars each should be sold for at least $59-$199. But, I'm making this available TODAY for $297 for the full series.

If I haven't split up the packages into 5-10 separates seminars, I'll probably be doing that soon... In fact, I’ve been told several times that I’m losing money by not splitting up the presentations into separate packages to be sold.

For the people who attended, this event alone cost $500 and that didn’t include room and board… and they didn’t go home with these videos.

 So, while I'm not sure when (or if) I'll stop making the full package available, however, this is low-priced and available for you to grab today while it's still low before I raise the price (if i do).

What this event will do…

Every time you listen to it you’ll absorb new information to implement.

This seminar is a resource for life to help any investor get startedcreate more dealswork less per lead, and build a hefty portfolio to retire early and earn that financial freedom you've been wanting.

This is your beginning to becoming one of the few… savvy investors in your market.

That’s why…

I stand behind the value that this information brings. I guarantee your satisfaction. In 60 days, if this $297 investment didn't blow you away, then I'll send you a prompt and full refund.

This is what’s included:

 A prestigious 3-day recorded event; 18 hours of video and audio footage ready to (easily) download or stream (If you need guidance with it, I'm always here to help with downloading material). 


  • All the slides to follow along with in PDF format
  • 45 pages in PDF of different deal scenarios to make any lead into a deal ("Every Lead is a Deal" presentation)
  • The full 18-hour footage of 8 high performing investors availabe for you anytime anywhere
  • 10 presentations valued at $99 dollars each (A weekend seminar like this goes for $1000 easily)
  • The financial calculator workbook
  • Sample contracts for almost every type of transaction (found in the "Every Lead is a Deal" PDF)

In 1 of the 10 presentations, you'll get hear the "Creative Finance Panel. Here's a same video of this this 3-hour and 17-minute presentation where you'll discover:

  • How to save big on taxes with what's called hypothecation... when you get a "loan" that's secured by a cash flowing asset. That "loan" is tax deductible.
  • How easy it is to get terms rather than pay cash for a house
  • How you can over-pay for a house and still be a cash-flowing property
  • How to use strategies that commercial investors use every day
  • How to satisfy the emotion of a seller
  • Create notes with the equity you have in your house. Then you can leverage that note to buy more assets.
  • How to pry open sellers motivation to negotiate better deals
  • The right questions to ask the seller
  • And much more

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