MARKETING SERIES: Digitizing your Real Estate Investing with Kyle Allen

Never Miss a Deal with Ruthless Follow-up….

Digital Marketing For the Real Estate Investor


Discover the basics (and some advanced) to digitizing your System to capturing and following up your real estate investing leads…

We live in a digital age.

More of your sellers are finding solutions to their problems online. Can the Digital age meet the old? And can digital tools be added to your already existing business to enhance and multiply your volume… and multiply your profit?

Kyle Allen, a freelancer who specializes in Facebook and digital marketing and works with many real estate investors… says “Yes! Digital tools are a must. So, in this interview, you’ll listen to Kyle and I chat it up on new technologies to enhance your REI business, automate your follow up, and improve your ROI.

You’ll learn about…

  • His unique follow up campaign using video ads
  • How to merge offline and online… and why in the digital age, bringing your personality into it is crucial
  • An easy marketing follow-up tool that most investors should be using
  • Is there a difference between competitive markets and slow markets in the digital world…? He says no, and find out why
  • Kyles recommendation for “smaller” investors getting into digital
  • What is the highest ROI in internet marketing and Why?
  • When to use Google AdWords
  • Regardless of what tools you use… the most important key to making online lead generation work
  • Vendors that he uses
  • Why he doesn’t recommend ANYONE (no matter the size) to use Excel – and how free CRMs are much better alternatives
  • How to systemize your follow up
  • 90% of deal-finding rely on this method…
  • What kind of budget to use in Facebook Ads
  • The first steps to getting started on Facebook ads
  • Two of the biggest factors for creating your ad
  • How to enhance your direct mail and multiply the ROI using Facebook, video, and text message.
  • How Kyle makes his ads and conversations unique to each person while using digital marketing.
  • And much more…

Before we get started if you’d like to discover more about digital marketing and follow up that amplifies your REI business, if you head over to there may be a special free gift for you there depending on when you’re listening to this. so, Again head on over to to learn more about a free offer for podcast listeners.

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