Majority of Bidz’s don’t know what they’re doing…. they just DGAF

Look around,

….. businesses and successful people seem like everything is clear as sunshine, the world is turning in their favor, and their life’s or as organized as Mary Poppins….

That’s wrong.

Their world is as disorganized as yours.

Their life is as chaotic as yours.

I’ve seen it, in the inner workings of some, Like Investor Carrot when I did freelance work for them… everything’s a mess. They aren’t some superhuman above and beyond your life.

Life is full of chaos, disorganization.

So why do they have such high success?

Two Things:

For real estate investors…. a lot of the times it’s because they don’t give two flying craps. As I was chatting with my friend Charlie, he was talking about the ONE thing that completely changed his game in getting more deals was that he stopped caring whether or not he got the deal. So, he would be awkward, funny, smiling all the time, making fun of the person (i.e. being himself), and just having fun with it.

The second thing I observed in businesses is that they are incredibly good at one thing (or a handful of things). Investor Carrot for example, they are incredibly good at customer service. They are also very good at innovation.

Those two things is what drove them to top.

Me for instance… I don’t even have a online business just yet. I just write everyday. And it takes me less than 20 minutes because I DGAF if it works or not. I wake up, do my morning routine, and spend twenty minutes writing an email up.

So anyway, those are my controversial observations of life… so just remember, there’s nothing special about them. They just DGAF, and they are good at one thing.

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