Losing an arm by investing with “Sharks”

The trend is up again…

People are raving over gold.

“Gold is up past $1900!”

So, what else do I see?!

Facebook “talks” about ACTUALLY investing in gold (what happened to buy low sell high?!)

But right now is a terrible time to invest in gold. (I don’t see precious metals as an investment but a hedge, but that’s for another day)

I’ve been there… investing in precious metals when it’s all hype; where it’s at the all-time high.

Back in 2011-2012, I jumped into the hype of precious metals. Back then gold was almost $1800 and silver was $40.

And yeah, I bought at those prices.

It sounds silly that people were buying into this RIGHT AFTER the 2008 crash.

People don’t learn.

Following suit with what everyone else is doing is “safe” in people’s minds.

In fact, I’m no evolutionary biologist, nor pretend to be, but playing it “safe” with society and following them is an evolutionary trait (so I’ve heard from experts), built in to help us survive in a time where we had to stick together or be eaten or mauled or starve.

But that’s neither here nor there…

What I’m getting at is I try and stay as much away from the hype as I can.

I’m skeptical of “new” ways to generate leads.

“New” ways to make money.

Or a great time to invest (if I hear it Facebook).

Every time I followed suit of what a forum does or what Facebook does… I lose money and get no traction.

Instead… I try to dodge and weave and go to open playing fields… What many call “Blue Oceans”. Where there are no shark sightings and the ocean is yours

(as opposed to “Red Oceans” where it’s infested with sharks and the ocean is red from all the feeding frenzies of every shark trying to get a snack)

The first experience I had with this is shifting over to mobile homes.

I was the only one (in my market) to get a website up on Google stating “I buy mobile homes”.

Since then that site has been producing QUALITY leads for me and my buddy who capitalizes on it.

And you can read all about my adventures and HOW to flip mobile homes for cash flow right here in this short but sweet book:


However, know that I’m not the go-to expert on these, I’ve done a handful of them and cataloged my adventures in it.

I shared what I discovered, and knowledge of others, and partners, and friends flipping with me, into a small introductory book on how to get started in mobile home flipping and create a few hundred dollars of income a month like I did (not professing millions, or retirement… although many people I look up to in this business have achieved those goals in that asset)
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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